Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oktoberfest: My Favorite Holiday is Here

Oktoberfest 2015 has officially kicked off in Munich:  "O'zapft is!"

The annual celebration is expected to bring six million visitors this year.

There is no more Bacchanalian festival in existence with perhaps Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  It's obviously my favorite holiday -- I have blogged at least 47 times about it.

Locally, Shreveport has joined the nation in forming their own version of Oktoberfest which will be Sunday, September 25 at Zocolo on Ashley Ridge.   It is $20 to purchase a buffet pass, but you don't have to pay just to get in.  If you plan on drinking, beer is $6.00; live music will be via Professor Pork Chop.

Steve and I will be attending the annual Oktoberfest festivities at Barksdale Air Force Base on October 2; this is a fundraiser for Operation Bright Star which brings airmen home for the holidays.  We have attended all seven years so far; this one makes eight.  We have the proud honor of being the first to come and the last to leave each year.

I was honored to win the costume contest two years but got robbed last year; an indignity I hope to remedy this year.

No, seriously, it's all in good fun and this is a celebration that gets better every year.

The food is great.

The beer is cold and plentiful.

And what better way to celebrate than partying with the men and women of our military?

And it's for a great cause.  Doesn't get any better than that. Tickets are available at the Barksdale Club.

Can't wait!

This might get you in the mood:

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edutcher said...

Enjoy it while you got it, kid.

I see the crazies Angie Merkel is letting into Deutschland think it's un-Islamic and want it ended.

Only a matter of time before Barry wants to ban it here.