Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sex With a Dog? The Caddo Commission Must Act!

Kennel worker: arrested for having sex with dog
The problems at Caddo Parish Animal Services have been epic and have gained national attention for the neglect, abuse, and high-kill rate that is ongoing at this facility.

Many of the neglect issues are documented here in this post.

One would think that it couldn't get much worse, but one would be mistaken. Consider the latest news this week that a CPAS worker has now been arrested for "crimes against nature," specifically, having sex with a dog while a co-worker filmed the event. Via KSLA news:

A Caddo Parish Animal Shelter kennel worker is out on bond after her arrest on a charge of crimes against nature and a former CPAS employee is accused of recording the act on video.  
According to Shreveport City Jail booking records, 24-year-old Celina Ann Cabrera of Shreveport was arrested Friday after police investigated a report that she had sex with a dog and that she had videos of the act. A former CPAS employee was also arrested Friday in connection with the case. 41-year-old Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr. of Shreveport was booked into the Shreveport City Jail, charged with principal to crimes against nature.  
Booking details indicate Booker recorded Cabrera having sex with his dog. Caddo Parish Public Information Officer Krystle Grindley initially said Monday that Cabrera was placed on administrative leave immediately after the commission was made aware of the arrest, but later confirmed that Cabrera had already been on leave since February 15. 

What is it going to take for the Caddo Parish Commission to do something about this place?

Was it not embarrassing and disgraceful enough when a large national rescue came in and cited terrible neglect, starving dogs, and horrendous facilities as rationale for pulling dozens of dogs from this facility?

It wasn't enough that several dogs over several weeks were "accidentally euthanized" after being tagged for rescue?

It wasn't enough that at least one dog starved to death in his kennel?

It wasn't enough that the agency failed to bring charges against a man who sicced his dog on a hungry stray who wandered into his yard - this dog then died from her injuries. No charges filed.

It wasn't enough that they held a sick and injured dog, refusing to let her owner reclaim her until the four day hold was up?

Now this?

Is THIS enough?

The Caddo Commission must act to regain the public's trust in this issue. The leadership and operation of this facility must be changed immediately.

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