Sunday, December 2, 2012

Find a Lifeboat

The fiscal cliff negotiations have left me totally cold.  As far as I'm concerned, let it go.  Just let it go.  Do a complete Thelma and Louise at warp speed and hang on.

This is what America voted for in November - at least, enough to maintain the status quo, anyway. 

On November 6, Americans affirmed their willingness to pay higher taxes, grow government, demonize the successful, and support the 48% who won't or can't work. 

So let them have it. 

All you can do at this point is to find a lifeboat.  Face it: the Titanic is taking on water faster than we can bail it out now, and all you can do is figure out how you can best survive.

It won't be any better in four more years, either.  By then the Democrats, if they haven't already, will have cemented their dependent-voter bloc and the progressive agenda will be irreversible. 

I'm watching many of my conservative blogs gnash their teeth and continue to try and hold the line for conservatism, but I think it's over.  I'm not "disheartened"; it's just the reality we now face. 

You can expect Republicans in Washington to continue to "compromise" and bail on their principles; you will continue to hear people like tax cheat Tim Geithner blame the Republicans for what is about to happen, and you can expect Obama to continue to do nothing in the way of leadership. 

I've been working for the past four years to pay down my debt and make preparations for the economic apocalypse that we now face.  I'm not ready to go into the bunker with the bottled water and canned tuna fish just yet, but I think it's time to start looking for a lifeboat.

We're up to our asses in alligators right now and the worst is yet to come.


Red said...

Many conservative blogs are advertisements in futility these days, sadly. I'm with you Pat. Let's get busy focusing on ourselves and our own families and let the world go to hell as it may.

Bill said...

I couldn't agree with you more. We lost and Hillery will be our next pres which means more of the same. I played golf this past week with a young doctor who says that he and his family will move to another country at some point. I found it difficult to disagree with his decision based on what I think this country will be like in a few years.