Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remember This Moment

Right now is as good as it's going to get for many years to come.  Remember this moment.  

When the lemmings all start blaming the "obstructionist Republicans" in January for taking us off the fiscal cliff, remember this:

To be fair to the Secretary and the President, we didn’t just put together a bill that included his $2 trillion tax increase – we also added the almost $400 billion in new tax stimulus measures he wanted as well. This bill contained a continuation of the payroll tax holiday, a 10 percent credit for new wages that will go to businesses big and small, and it included a fix to one of the many flawed provisions of Obamacare – an expansion of a tax credit for businesses that no one uses. This proposal reflected exactly what was in the President’s budget and his various submissions to Congress.

That is Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell venting a little frustration as he explains that Harry Reid would not allow Obama's fiscal cliff plan to come up for a vote on the Senate floor.

Apparently, near total capitulation by the Republicans is not enough.

This screen shot from Drudge just about tells it all:

Go.  Let.them.go.  Hurry up, even. 

Bernard Goldberg wrote the most delicious rant about this.  He fully acknowledges that those nasty, obstructionist republicans will be blamed no matter what:

We know that you, the American people, will blame us, the Republican Party if we go over the cliff.  We know you will blame us when we slip into another recession and millions of Americans lose their jobs.  We know that if a giant meteor falls out of the sky and kills a pussy willow in Wyoming you will blame us for that too.  Good thing we no longer care what you think.

There's no question.  Never mind that Obama has increased government spending to unheard of levels.  It's the Republicans fault!  George Bush's fault! 

I swear, they still say that.  They do.

More Goldberg:

 Sure, this will cause a lot of pain and suffering.  Too bad I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore.  Barack Obama doesn’t understand how the economy works and neither do the slugs who voted for him.  They deserve each other – and the consequences of their actions.

That's truly where I am with this - just let it go.  We're all going down the tubes together whether we want to or not.  

And it won't matter whose fault it is when it's all over.  They'll still blame the Republicans, of course, but it won't matter.  You can remind them that obstructionist majority leader Harry Reid didn't even have the cajones to bring Obama's plan to the floor, but they won't care.

Just as long as the millionaires those making over $250,000 are taxed to hell and back.


Bill said...

Goldberg is right. Republicans will be blamed for any bad and Obama will get credit for anything the press perceives as positive. Of course the spineless speaker and his buddy's will agree to give Obama what he wants. We are totally screwed. I'm with you. Hurry up and take the dive over the cliff.
Fox sent a reporter to Times Sq to ask people what the fiscal is. Most had no clue. Probably all Obama voters.

Marcil O'Neal said...

What amazes me is that this guy thinks he was elected to be... candidate. He's campainging 24/7 all over the country. Someone must tell him the election is over, it's time to work. But, then again, is he able to do it?