Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is This Thing Still On?

I've done exactly two political posts since the November election which recently prompted a friend of mine to ask if I've given up political blogging.

I've asked that question myself lots of times.

I haven't.  I think, though, that after the election I felt much as I did after the passage of Obamacare.  I felt like I'm just screaming into a void and nobody is listening.  On one level, I just figured, "Ok - the American people want a socialist, big government system; it's what they voted for, so let 'em have it."  When the Obamacare vote happened, I was deflated.  I had researched, written thorough, well documented posts, and nobody was listening.  In November, I felt there was no way that America would vote Barack Obama back into office given his record spending, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi, etc.  But the low information voter doesn't care about those things. 

And he won.  Again.

And then I hunkered down.  I've been paying off credit cards and restructuring things in preparation for the coming financial apocalypse.  And it IS coming. 

And so political blogging went by the wayside here as I just shook my head in frustration and decided nothing I say could change things.

Meanwhile, Governor Bobby Jindal enacted his education reform agenda and I've been putting in ungodly hours at work just trying to stay ahead of that barrage.  There is much to be said about that, but I don't really feel like I can do that right now. 

And then this past August my mom fell and fractured her neck and that meant lots of hospital sitting as one complication after another arose.  She is finally settled now, the neck brace is off, and she is living at The Glen.  She likes it there and she is safe and well cared for. 

I've noticed a malaise among some of my other blogging friends, but not all of them.  And it's true that if anything is going to ever change then we can't all fall silent as I have.  One voice won't change things, but a chorus of us stands a better chance to bring about change. 

A big part of me just doesn't want to cave into the tyranny.  It's what they want. 

I'm not finished with the political blogging.  I've just been frustrated and distracted.  Trying to survive, if you will.  I heard today that surviving is the new normal. 

As far as this fiscal cliff crap sandwich goes?  I think the Republicans are their own worst enemy and I'm just as sick of most of them as I am of the Democrats.  John Boehner needs to resign.  It's all just disgusting.

Political blogging?  Yeah, I'm still here.  2016 is coming before you know it and we better have our collective shit together. 

Is this thing still on?


Bill said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree with you more. Keep up the good work.

yukio ngaby said...

It's nice to see that you haven't thrown in the towel Pat.

Yeah, sluggishness aside, we need to keep going. After the tax hikes, Obama's going for immigration reform and gun control next. We gotta be there for that.

bill said...

In addition to Immigration and gun control he is not finished with tax increases. He will try for more. Every person who voted for him will be affected by his policies but may be too stupid to realize it.

Pat Austin said...

Sadly my experience with many Obama voters as far as the entitlement programs and taxes go is something along the line of "Well, I can afford to pay more to help others so why not?". They don't get that all these entitlement programs are keeping those people chained to a life of poverty.

Bill said...

I agree they cannot make the connection between entitlements and poverty but when inflation hits, they will be hurt along with the rest of us. It is not a matter of if but when the dollar becomes worthless and interest rates increase. The libs. and the press will blame republicans while protecting Obama and most of these idiots will believe what the press says.

Pat Austin said...

Bill - I agree with you 100% but what's the answer? How do we enlighten those voters? That's where I've become so frustrated. It seems like I'm just screaming into the wind.

bill said...

Me too Pat. I wish that I knew the answer. I was surprised that after the presidential election, a big percent of voters still blame Bush for the economy. I don't remember if it was a majority or not, but I think it was. These people won't change their minds regardless of the facts presented to them. We are totally screwed.

Andy said...'s still on.

Pat, I really respect your "can do" attitude. But...well, I'll just stop there.

(Pam hates it when I say,"But," and then walk off without finishing. I don't really do it on purpose. I'm just 'flicted with thinking out loud, I guess).

Pat Austin said...

Andy you're one of my favorite people in the world. Really. Isn't it time you did another v-log?

Andy said...


bill said...

I heard on Rush today that some Dems got their first checks after the fiscal cliff vote and found less take home pay because payroll taxes went up 2%. According to Rush, a lot of folks were surprised to take home less money and went to a left wing blog and blamed Bush. Hard to believe someone can be so stupid.

Tina said...

I think there is a lot of quiet thought going on - the kind of introspective thinking that rational, wise people do. Laying out the things we can do personally to impact the culture from the ground up. I've stopped letting the name of God be a generic term: I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I find ways to challenge my young liberal family members that puts chips in "the narrative". I rejoice publicly over EVERY pregnancy, congratulate the mother no matter her age or circumstances, and will never again allow pro-abortion talk go unchallenged. I remind my grandchildren that movies are not history, and show them real artifacts that put the lie to the distortions they are taught in school. Changes are coming to my life, and with God's help I can incorporate conservative values and reality into the new ways I will be using my time to make a living.

Politically, there are things we need: we need legitimate candidates and every race (democrat too) a challenged one - no matter what party, there needs to be two or more conservative candidates for every office from dog catcher to President, we need name recognition on a par with coca cola, we need voting to happen from the moment early voting starts.

Hang in there Pat. We are all still here with you :-)

Jayhawk said...

The benefit of doing things is in doing them. I write my blog because it rewards me to do it. If someone reads it so much the better, but the purpose of doing it is to express my opinions and, in so doing, to more clearly formulate them in my own mind. If someone reads them that's a plus, but...

I used to have problems with my mother who was at various times a photographer and a writer and... The only value that her work ever had for her was the acclaim that was given to her by others for it. Written pieces were worth nothing, even if published (which very few were), unless people were telling her how good the piece was. Sad way to live.

I write because I write. Feedback makes my writing better, challenges me and provides the need to amplify my thinking, but it is not why I write.

Is this thing on? Sure it is, as long as your keyboard is active.

Sarah said...

I'm looking at New Zealand.