Monday, January 21, 2013

What's All the Fuss?

I think there's something going on in D.C. inauguration of some sort.  I'm not turning on the t.v. today.  I've got my XM radio tuned to the forties station and am tending to household matters today.



Bill said...

The first day of Obama's presidency, I was as depressed as I ever remember being. I had studied his qualifications and his liberal politics and knew that we were totally screwed. I remember some of the students cheering between classes. They thought that it was a great day but I knew they didn't understand what had just happened. I am not so depressed this time. I have accepted the fact that we lost and I cannot be depressed all the time. I hope the next 4 years are not as bad as I think they will be.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, the S&P is less than 5 percent below its all-time high in October 2007. The last time it had a four year gain that strong was in the Clinton era from late 1996 to late 2000.