Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Healthcare Gone to the Dogs

I'm not watching the SOTU address. I'm well aware of the SOTU.

I was, actually watching the Westminster Dog Show which was ever so much more interesting. That's kind of where I am with politics these days. Gone to the dogs.

True story:

I was visiting with a liberal friend whom I adore. Politics aside, we have other areas of common ground on which we can be friends.

Tonight this friend, who is almost 70, told me he needs a hip replacement. The doctor looks at the x-rays and says, "Yep. You need a hip replacement. You've got no cartilage.". But then the doc tells him that because Medicare has clamped down on such procedures he has to do physical therapy first.

My first thought was "Are you serious?!"

But ten seconds later, of course, you realize that with Obamacare naturally nobody is going to get a hip replacement. Why waste resources on the old and infirm?

So, this friend will do the PT which has zero potential for success (because the doc says he has no cartilage, remember) and will likely exacerbate the pain, but hey!, maybe in ten years, he can get a hip replacement if he sits around on a list long enough.

This is reflective of why I've seemingly stopped political blogging. I'm screaming into a void. I tried to warn people that this was coming. Your doctor doesn't get to make decisions about your care - the ipab does. Your doctor can't look at your x-rays and prescribe treatment! He has to look at a formula, your age, and the cost in order to determine if treatment is feasible.

Faced with the inevitable reality of Obamacare, in the same breath this friend also expressed profound hope that "we can get everyone covered on healthcare.". Free healthcare for all.

Free? What's free? Somebody has got to pay. It's not going to be "free.". Ever. Never ever.

Here comes the tide of illegals now about to drain your healthcare system, baby. You think finding the care you need NOW is hard? Just wait.

Why are liberals shocked when what they voted for shows up on their daily plane and bites them? We TOLD you this was coming. It's basic economics, people! Nothing is "free!"

My friend is a wonderful, kind, big-hearted person and like I said, we agree on many (non-political) things. I'm sorry my friend can't get the treatment he needs when he needs it.

He should have read my blog back when I was screaming "Don't do it!! Don't vote for Obamacare!"

The sad thing is...I don't see it getting better. Ever. The Republicans are too divided. The Tea Party conservatives vs. the Democrat-Lites. I don't see a reconciliation there which means a perpetual Democratic stronghold on the horizon shored up by imminent amnesty.

We are screwed.

I once thought that we're going to have to just let it all destruct, implode and rebuild from the ashes but I'm no longer that optimistic.


Bill said...

My wife and I contacted Mary Landreu before Obamacare became law and asked her to vote against it. Lot of good that did. Mary will also be reelected. There are a lot of voters who do not seem to understand what liberals are doing to destroy our country.

When my wife last saw her doctor, he informed her that he will be closing his office in March because of Obamacare. Your friend cannot get a hip replacement. I have a friend who is a doctor. He is going to lose a huge amount of his income because of Obamacare. All this was predictable but not enough people paid attention. Too many want free stuff which must be paid for by someone else. At some point these takers will know they made a mistake by electing socialists. As you say. We are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Your friend's hip replacement problem is pre Obamacare (which has not kicked in yet).

You can only blame it on the system the R's screamed to keep as is.

Time will tell if O-care is better or worse.