Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Sip Heard Round the World

This is what we've come to?

After Barack Obama stands before the nation and vows to send us spiraling further into debt with a multitude of new programs that miraculously won't cost a dime and all anyone can talk about is Marco Rubio taking a sip of water?

Never mind that the proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 will increase unemployment.  I mean, if I have a small business and I have ten employees, I'm going to cut back to eight if I can because I can't afford to keep ten anymore.  If I have a business with enough employees to force me into Obamacare, I just got an incentive to cut a few of them back.

But for goodness sake, let's don't talk about that!  Let's talk about Marco Rubio taking a sip of water!

Drudge, in his own way, pushes back:

Because it's okay when liberals drink water.  Just not Republicans.

Obama made no mention of Benghazi and his massive failure to protect those Americans, respond to their call for help, or even hold accountable those responsible.  But who cares?  Marco Rubio took a drink of water on national television.  From Politico:

Obama vowed to expand the federal government's role in federal education - as if holding states hostage by forcing Common Core on them was not enough.  Most states have been compelled to accept the pitiful Common Core curriculum in order to be considered for federal grants and monies.  National education standards are, in fact, unconstitutional but this president has coerced the states to adopt them.  Shame on them all.  But what difference does it make?  Marco Rubio was thirsty.

The New Yorker:

The New Yorker breaks down the moment into microseconds:

By the second minute of Marco Rubio’s official Republican response to the President’s State of the Union address last night, it was clear that the Senator’s body was betraying him. His lips caught each other in the way they do at moments of stress, when we are suddenly confronted, after long lapses of unthought, with the actual mechanics of speech. Under the hot lights, Rubio’s mouth went dry. A few minutes later, sweat trickled down his right temple, and he moved his hand instinctively to wipe it away. The dry mouth persisted, and, at times, his eyes flashed with a kind of pleading and mounting desperation: the speech was less than halfway over, with words and words to go. His hands, already large in the frame when he kept them low in front of him, flashed a few times to his lips. And then back to his temple.
By the eighth minute, he seemed to have adjusted, and it looked as if he might push through to the end. But then, three minutes later, he made a gamble and reached for a water bottle offscreen: he lurched down to his left and fumbled a bit, making a terrifyingly intimate moment of eye contact with the audience before taking a quick sip from an unfortunately tiny bottle and then ducking to put it back.

In his speech, Obama continued his partisan politics by blaming Republicans for sequestration and just about anything else that he can get away with, but he accepts no responsibility for anything.  Disgusting.  But at least he didn't take a drink of water on the national stage!

At least Rubio has been a good sport about it.  He's been chugging water on the news shows all day long today.

Good grief.  Don't we have anything else to talk about?

The only winner here is Poland Spring.

No wonder this country is going down the tubes.


Tony said...

Yet you said that you didn't watch the SOTU address. Interesting... (not really)

Bill said...

Someone help me here. Rubio takes a sip of water and some in the media want to know if that is a career ending event. Bill Clinton has oral sex in the oval office, was accused of rape and sexual assault (Kathline Willey and Paula Jones) and is one of the left's favorite politicians. Hard to understand. A former police officer is a mass murderer and is a hero to many on the left. Again hard to understand.
An elem. school in Co. has tutoring sessions after school for students but the black principal banned white students. To their credit, the district corrected this problem. If this had been reversed, can you imagine the outcry from the mainstream media? Why the difference?

Red said...

Nothing better to report on except the play-by-play of Rubio sipping water::cough::BENGHAZI::cough::. Nothing at all? ::cough::GUN GRAB::cough:: Really? Nothing at all?::cough::Obamonarchists::cough::

Anonymous said...

Rubio's water chug was simply funny, just like Dukakis in the tank, which I'm sure you all found hilarious. I laughed at both of them.

Funny is why it caught fire. Relax. It's not a left wing conspiracy to divert attention from Lewinski or Benghazi.

Red said...

It's all a conspiracy! LOL. No, the left is ridiculous. If thiswere the Reagan years then that might be funnier but for the past four years and going now the left is so hellbent on being a bunch of Burger Kings/Queens, I can't stand the jokes.

Tony said...

If this were the Reagan years, we'd still be funding the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and shipping arms to Iran.

Red said...

Who's to say that ever stopped? They claim to be armed to the teeth and our involvement in the tar baby known as Afghanistan is still our government's Frankenstein.