Sunday, March 3, 2013

Take a Trip to Watch Some Centenary Baseball

There's nothing like a little snap of spring in the air to make one's heart long for baseball.  The crack of the bat, the satisfying smack of ball to glove, the chatter from the's pure heaven.

Steve and I live within a good fastball of Centenary College and I can hear the baseball team's batting practice from my house.  So we decided this weekend to venture on over to Sheehee Stadium and check out some Gents baseball.

We went yesterday for the first game of a double-header against the University of Dallas; Centenary lost the first game and won the second.  It was cold and windy so we only made one game.  We were surprised to learn there was no admission cost; we asked a couple of people if we needed tickets or needed to pay and everyone looked at us with a quizzical expression and said no.

As the weather was much warmer today, and no wind, we headed back out to catch the last game in this series against Dallas.

It was a small crowd but everyone was settling in for a nice afternoon of baseball when we got there; this lady was working on her tan while cheering on her team:

Parents and photographers:

Even Sock Monkey had a front row seat:

As the game began the Gents lined up to cheer on their batters (note all the baseballs on the roof of that building on the right):

Play ball!

Dallas had some really good hitters:

And the game stayed close.

A view from our seats:

Faithful fan Princess comes to every game:

There were several dogs there today.  All very well behaved, of course!

A respectable crowd stayed until the very end today:

This is the concession stand; yesterday we kept them busy selling coffee and hot chocolate because it was so cold.  Today we had hot dogs, peanuts, and cokes!  What else are you going to have at a college baseball game?!

The game was tied going into the ninth:

And the suspense was high:

At the top of the ninth it was all tied up:

When the Gents came up to bat, no. 25, Jemari James hit a ball down the first base line, Dallas had a little trouble fielding it in the corner, James rounded second and ran to third;  the ball was overthrown toward third and James made home plate.  Gents win!

After a wild celebration at home plate both teams shook hands and another game is in the books.

It was an exciting finish to a good game.

The Gents will be at home again next weekend against Trinity University with a Saturday double-header.  The schedule is here.

If you're looking for a nice way to relax and enjoy some top notch baseball, keep the Centenary Gents on your radar.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon!

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