Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sequestration Cancels the 2013 Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air Show

The latest casualty to the sequestration is the 2013 Barksdale AFB Defenders of Liberty Air Show; KTBS announced the cancellation this morning:

The Barksdale Air Force Base 2013 Defenders of Liberty Air Show has been cancelled. It was scheduled for the first weekend in May. Officials are blaming the cancellation on budget cuts forced by the sequestration.

The show attracts tens of thousands each year from all around the three-states region: Mr. SIGIS and I went last year and had a grand time.

Yes, air shows like this one are expensive to produce.  But it is events like this one that not only are huge recruitment tools for the Air Force, but are also fundraisers for individual squadrons.  The Shreveport Times spoke to retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Peyton Cole who wasn't surprised:

"That's what I figured was going to happen," said Cole, whose concerns are for the effect on individual units on base, such as squadrons and the Global Power Museum.
"I'm concerned that if you don't have an air show or open house, your squadrons that rely on vendors to make their money for the year don't have any venue to do that,"  he said.  "This is a blow to the operational squadrons on base that derive their funds from vending at the air show and open house.  These are funds that go to pay for ancillary things the Air Force doesn't pay for...".

These funds might be going away gifts for outgoing squadron personnel, wedding gifts, etc.  Another thing that squadrons raise money for is to fly airmen home for Christmas.

The Blue Angels were slated to perform this year but last week it was announced that the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds would be cancelling their schedules due to sequestration, so it's likely that the Barksdale Air Show won't be the only one affected.

Oddly enough, last year when Steve and I were on base touring the static displays and watching the air performances, he commented that it might be one of the last air shows for a while.  Elections have consequences and just as most of us have seen the negative ramifications of Obamacare coming down the pike from the very beginning, Steve predicted the negative effects coming down the pike for the military.

I mean, really, Obama has no concern for the recruitment aspect of the military.  He'd like to downsize and drastically cut the military.  "Peace through superior firepower" holds no special significance for him.  It's back to the days of Jimmy Carter when airmen would rob parts from one plane just to keep another in the air.  Enemies sensed weakness like a shark sense blood in the water.

Obama wants the sequestration cuts to hurt as much as possible.  Thus the cancellation of the White House tours but so far no White House calligraphers have lost their jobs.  Maybe the calligraphers are too busy penning invitations to Michelle's birthday bash.

It's all enough to make one want to bang one's head on a wall.  I'm sure liberals are just fine with the cancellation of frivolous things like air shows - after all, that money could be so much better spent TSA uniforms?  At least when you get your invasive pat down it'll be by someone who is dressed for success!  Oh well, you know.  The military is so 2007 now.  We're withdrawing from Afghanistan, don't you know?  Think of all the Obamaphones we can buy with the cost of just one air show!  Think of all the food stamps!  The golf outings with Tiger!  Hawaii!

Good grief.  I used to wonder if people would wake up before it's too late but I don't worry about that now.

The goose is cooked.  The low information voter rules the day.


Bill said...

You are absolutely correct.

Bride Of Rove said...

This whole thing is stupid,vindictive and insanely pointless.

Anonymous said...

this world is going to hell in and hand bag! Obama has got to go!!! Yes, they cut everything else but have no problem spending money on lavish things for their, birthday partys, etc. Its ridiculous!! But yet we as AMERICANS all sit back and say man, that sucks, somebody needs to do something....and yet, no one comes forth.

"He" doesnt care about military because his belief system is not based on american beliefs, he would want nothing more than for this country to become vunerable and that his true country could come in and take over! He doesnt want nor care to protect this country...

So "he" gets to do what the hell he wants to and nothing happens, I just dont get it, years back this shit wouldnt have ever happen!