Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a Happy Easter Despite Google

Happy Easter!

Unless you live under a rock you will have heard (or seen) already about the Google choice today to honor Cesar Chavez rather than Easter.  I'm not going to reproduce the Google shot here; I prefer the bunnies playing baseball, an image from the NY public library.The web is aflame with outrage.

A sampling:

Ed Driscoll wonders:
I wonder if anyone at Google has read Miriam Pawel’s The Union of Their Dreams, or read Caitlin Flanagan’s 4500-word review of it in the Atlantic in 2011: “The Madness of Cesar Chavez: A new biography of the icon shows that saints should be judged guilty until proved innocent.” Read the whole thing. 
Read the Atlantic piece Driscoll links; it's interesting.

The Twitchy team notes that it is also Al Gore's birthday.  No doodle for the inventor of the internet?

Eric Mack has some Twitter reactions, including this one from Dana Perino:

Patterico notes that Google ignores most religious holidays.

Gulag Bound is outraged and switching to Bing:

Remember, Obama, the Department of Education and the Common Core Standards are teaching in our schools that Cesar Chavez is a “hero of the people.” Only if you are Marxist is this true. And now you see the U.S. government in true fascist style, place ideologues over faith. Every time I see pictures such as Cesar Chavez or more commonly Barack Obama’s arrogant visage, I see snapshots of Stalin, Mao, Lenin and Hitler in my mind’s eye. The faces have changed, but not the Google evil message.

I Hate the Media isn't surprised:
Frankly, we’re surprised they didn’t have a picture of Obama on the cross, ready to be resurrected so he can go play golf.

The American Conservative sees the Google Doodle as just another step in the desensitization of Christianity:

It’s a small thing, of course, but this kind of thing, accumulated, signals an intentional de-Christianization of our culture, and the creation of an intentional hostility to Christianity that will eventually cease to be latent, or minor. It cannot have been an accident that Google decided to honor a relatively obscure cultural figure instead of observing the most important Christian holiday, a day of enormous importance to an overwhelming number of people in the United States, and to an enormous number of people around the world.

Of course, the left thinks the outrage is ridiculous.  Naturally.

By the way, Bing has Easter eggs:

Happy Easter!

More reactions at Memeorandum.

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