Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Becoming Anachronistic

Via Instapundit, books are becoming anachronistic:

Today, with reading so often done and “books” acquired digitally, stored in pixels on hand-held devices, we see fewer new titles gracing the offices of colleagues and teachers, the homes of friends.  No longer on display, they can no longer be conversation pieces.  The average age of books on shelves is rising steadily and even these becoming anachronistic.  Shelves are given over to decoration, clocks, cups, bells, photographs.   My wife and I wonder, “what will our kids think, 10 or 20 years from now, when they see an apartment without a single book in it?”  Maybe nothing.  We would be horrified.

So are, I suggest, printed photographs.

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MikeAT said...

I think we had this discussion in the past. I said I can't see curling up with a good Kindle. But I have used the Kindle app for short books for school. But for real reading, I like to kill a tree!