Friday, June 14, 2013

Flag Ceremony at American Legion

Steve and I attended the Flag Retirement Ceremony at The American Legion on Flag Day.  It was a somber and serious ceremony where many flags were respectfully retired according to proper flag retirement protocol.

I just want to clarify that because in this picture it looks like there are "a lot of flags in a big old pile on the ground," and that's not the case.  Under these flags was a metal rack to keep them off the ground, however, some of the huge "holiday" or garrison flags just were so big and would drape over the sides.  When that happened, an attendant with a long pole with a hook on the end would move in and re-position the flags so they were off the ground.

The American Legion Post 14 conducted a moving and respectful ceremony and we were proud to be able to take part.  I apologize if the picture looks otherwise.

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