Friday, June 7, 2013

SIGIS in Bayou Bucks Magazine

Be sure to pick up (or subscribe to!) this month's copy of Bayou Bucks magazine which features three photos from yours truly!

They contacted me several weeks ago about using some of my photos from the Red River lock and dam and I was happy to oblige.

It's a nice magazine if you're into hunting and fishing and such.

Check it out!


Andy said...

Pat, that is WAY COOL!


Unfortunately, I am no longer in to fishing, or hunting. I was as a young man, though.

Hunting really never flipped my switch (long stories), but FISHING...oh yeah!!!

(Even longer stories...)

Regardless, it is WAY nice of them to ax for purmisshun to use your pitchers. Imma check 'em out.

(NYUK...the word verification is "discrap acquainted." NYUK!

sheryl said...

awesome!!! you'll have to post which pictures are yours. or bring the magazine when you come up!

Tina said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to you! :-)