Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classroom Update

A quick check-in before I get to my evening work of lesson plans and quiz writing...

As you know, I'm not a fan of Common Core primarily because I don't think the federal government has any place in education.  There are some other issues too, but that's for another time.  That said, it is the law of the land, as they say, and I'm going to give it a fair shot.  I'm all for anything that helps my kids be more successful in school.

Today we did a close reading activity in the English II class and they really surprised me with their participation and their effort at deeper thinking.  I can see where this could be a good thing.

Even better, I had at least two of my sophomores tell me they have already finished their novel!  We JUST checked it out last week!  I love that!

And still better?  I now have enough copies of Twelve Angry Men that I can do that one next!

Even better!?  With the cash donations I've bought enough copies of Mississippi Solo that now my Creative Writing class can check out that memoir and read some really beautiful writing.

So, things are going swimmingly so far in year 18 of teaching.  There's still a little settling in to do and routines to establish, but as of now, we are doing fine and a lot of that is thanks to you folks.

And now to writing lesson plans.

Regular blogging (as opposed to teacher-blogging) will resume soon.

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Jayhawk said...

" I don't think the federal government has any place in education." Well, we certainly are on common ground there!