Sunday, September 1, 2013

Find O

A local family is missing their dog and needs your help finding him.

Meet "O" the pit bull.  "O" has been missing from the Haughton area since July 9, and not willing or able to give up on him, owners Heather and Kyle are still searching high and low for their beloved pet.

Here is their flyer:

$5000 REWARD! 

Lost male 1 yr old blue Pit Bull "O man" missing from Burns Cemetery Rd off Hwy 157 in Haughton, LA on July 9.May have been stolen, so may be with someone--please take a picture if you think you see him. Short and built like a bulldog with clipped ears. HE IS NOT AGGRESSIVE! Please grab him if you see him or follow him if he won't come to you; call Heather at 318-465-1130 or Kyle at 318-453-6007. He desperately needs his medication! Please help!

KTBS did a spot this week on the importance of microchipping and featured O in the story which you can read here: - Shreveport, LA  News, Weather and Sports

And this from O's Facebook page:
Distinguishing features:  HUGE head, tiny clipped ears, huge paws-flat like an alligator. wrinkly face, all black toenails, regular length (undocked) tail, bowed front legs, white on the tips of his two middle toes on one front foot and one back foot--other feet are solid blue (dark gray/dark silver). The white on his chest starts at his armpits--no white on his neck or face. He is very low to the ground. I realize some of these characteristics may have changed due to weigh loss. He may appear brown or even black if he is dirty. I've heard horror stories of people trying to disguise dogs by bleaching spots on them, cutting their tails, etc. Also he may or may not have a collar or even a microchip registered to someone else. He could have even been neutered by now. We don't want to rule anything out without seeing it, so please, take and send pictures. Even if he's with what appears to be his owner. We want to see them all. We follow up and appreciate every lead you give us. Thank you.

Pass this along, keep your eyes open, share the Facebook page.  Keep the phone numbers from the flyer at hand or in your phone in case you spot O.  There's no guarantee he is still in the Shreveport-Bossier area, so please keep looking wherever you are!

I can assure you that this dog is much loved and is part of the family for Heather and Kyle. 

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