Sunday, March 2, 2014

Loose Thoughts

Be sure to check out my first post over at Da Tech Guy's blog.  I'll be posting there each week as part of his Return of the Seven faction of his Da Magnificent Seven group of co-bloggers.

Around the blogs:

Everyone is talking about Russia.  I looked at Memeorandum at one point yesterday and every single story was about Russia.

The most articulate analysis of the situation comes from Bride of Rove.  She's closed comments on the post but if I could comment on it I would have told her how glad I am that she's blogging again; I've missed her perspective.
To everyone who elected Obama because they say they are tired of committing US troops to be the world police. They want to stop supporting a huge military and only engage if we are attacked on our own soil. I’m talking to you Ron Paul supporters.To everyone who thinks that every war is about oil and thinks that’s stupid. We don’t need to enrich the oil companies with the blood of our own. It’s time to support your President. He is doing exactly what you asked him to do. 
The rest of us believe that inaction against aggressions like these leads to World Wars, as it has done twice. The rest of us believe in Karma; that if you do not act in defense of the weak, expect to be next. They are weak standing alone, but there is strength in numbers. If the US does not count itself as one of the numbers that make up the whole, if we back away and say, “Woa there, this is not MY fight.”, then we all fall.

The Lonely Conservative reports that the wealthy are fleeing New York.

Pirate' Cove has the Sunday round-up.

Right on the Left Coast shows you some un-Professional Development which explains a great deal about the state of education today.

Ed Driscoll pays tribute to Andrew Breitbart.

That's it for now; I'm off to watch True Detective!

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