Monday, June 2, 2014

Craig McCullough Challenges Big Names in Louisiana

Via The Other McCain, here's a pretty darn good message:

That's Craig McCulloch and he's running for Congress in Louisiana's 6th district.  He'll be challenged by a plethora of other candidates.

There are at least seven Republican candidates in this race, one of which is Paul Dietzell II, a name most in Louisiana will recognize.  Most folks in this state can tell you all about his grandfather's Chinese Bandits
and his career as head coach at LSU.  You just can't buy name recognition like that.

Another candidate with great name recognition in this race is state Senator Dan Claitor.  Claitor's Bookstore has been a respected publisher in the state for years with a focus on important cultural, literary, and historical subjects in Louisiana.  Dan Claitor was elected in 2009 for the seat vacated by Bill Cassidy who is now running against Senator Mary Landrieu.  (In that particular race, Sarah Palin has endorsed Col. (Ret.) Rob Maness.)  The district has been redrawn in this convoluted image via NOLA.

There are two Democrats in the race right now and anything can happen, but Craig McCulloch has a very good message.  This one will be interesting to watch.

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