Friday, August 19, 2016

Stunning Spot Dies Monday Without a Rescue: URGENT!!!

UPDATE 2:  Spot has been tagged by a local rescue!  He is safe!  I can't announce the name until they do, but I will as soon as I get the go-ahead.  I'm very happy with the outcome and have submitted a withdrawal request for the GoFundMe money which will go directly to the rescue as promised.  Anyone wishing to confirm this can check with the rescue once it's been announced.  I want everyone to feel their donations have been honestly and wisely accounted for.  I will be making up the service fee that GoFundMe and WePay keep so that the rescue will get the entire $600, plus a personal donation of my own.  I'm looking forward to seeing spot thrive!  Thank you, again.

UPDATE 1:  The GoFundMe page collected enough money for Spot before midnight last night.  Because of this, the shelter tells me he is now safe and has a pending rescue.  You saved him with your shares and your donations!  Thank you and I will update when he is settled somewhere!  But for now, he is safe!

See end of this post for Spot with his new foster mom!

Spot is going to die Monday unless we can raise up to $400 for his veterinary care.

I posted about Spot last week and have been sharing him excessively on Facebook and social media.  He is at Caddo Animal Control and the Paws4Life group is trying to get a rescue to tag him so that he can go to foster care and get treatment for heartworms, get neutered, and put on some weight.

We need donations.  Fast.  Before Monday.

I met Spot.  He is loving and sweet.  He's energetic -- who wouldn't be after being in a kennel all day -- but he is dog friendly and simply stunning.  Pictures don't do him justice.  When I met him last week he kept nuzzling my leg and hands so I would pet him.  His tail never stopped wagging.

Spot has a foster that will keep him and let him get treatment.

All he needs is a rescue.

And donations.

Please help save him.

He deserves a chance to be a family dog, to play outside, to be loved.

Donate to Paws4Life and designate that it is for Spot.  There is a blue button on their Facebook page.  It is safe.

No amount is too small.

You can also donate on my PayPal link on this page -- it is safe.  The button is in the right sidebar.

It must be done this weekend -- Monday, he will be euthanized.

Share this post -- your share might be the one that saves his life.  And donate!

I've pledged $100 to him and I'm a broke teacher.  Can you match me?

UPDATE:  I have set up a GoFundMe site for donations for Spot.  It's safe.

Photo courtesy of the Paws4Life Facebook page

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Curmudgeon said...

Hurray. I'm thankful Stunning Spot had you fighting for his survival. You made a difference. God bless you.