Monday, March 20, 2017

Politicians Fiddling Around With Flood Relief Dollars in Baton Rouge

My topic at DaTechGuy blog this week covers the tragic fact that the victims of the Baton Rouge flood last August have not received one dime of the federal money that was allocated back in September.

The politicians are fiddling around trying to see who gets the biggest slice of that pie while people are living in gutted houses, tents, and campers.

The state wants to award a $250 million contract to a company to oversee flood recovery when there are already non-profits like The Cajun Relief Foundation who are in place and doing what needs to be done.

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Jayhawk said...

What I find a bit sad is that federal dollars are involved at all. The people of the South I grew up in were more engaged in self help than that.

People in East Tennessee still are apparently. A small town was destroyed by the massive fires in the state last winter and people from all over the state came with materials and labor to rebuild. The entire town was restored with whatever private insurance the residents had and the volunteer efforts from neighbors. Some of those neighbors came from more than 1000 miles away. The federal government was politely told to go pound sand.

The LSU football team pitched in to help rebuild Baton Rouge. Why is Shreveport sitting around waiting for the federal government?