Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 5th Circuit Confederate Monument Ruling is a Slippery Slope

By now everyone knows the 5th Circuit came back with a disappointing ruling against the New Orleans Confederate monuments.

Be sure to read Jeff Sadow's column in The Advocate:

At best, that’s a shortsighted argument. Each of the generals’ statutes, after more than a century of residence, have become part of the local landscape, in addition to gaining listings in the National Register of Historical Places. Important period sculptor Alexander Doyle, who has several other works scattered around the city, executed each monument. Two figures played a positive role in area race relations after the war. Beauregard, who served as a state and local official, advocated during Reconstruction for voting rights for blacks. Lee, by his battlefield surrender and counseling in favor of peace and against continued military activity, helped spare the South from complete ruin and speeded the end of slavery.

As predicted, this move to remove Confederate monuments is now spreading to other parishes:

The Confederate monument removal frenzy has now spread from New Orleans to Lafayette, Louisiana. A monument dedicated to Confederate General “Alfred” Mouton should be removed, according to activists with the group Move the Mindset. A member of the group, Frank Crocco, says that he agrees with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu that Confederate statues “don’t represent the community anymore.”

Where does it end?

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