Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blog Maintenance

Now that my biography of Cammie Henry is, for the most part, finished, I'm doing some housekeeping here at the blog.

As for the book: we are narrowing down final photo selections, getting permissions, writing captions, and I'm cleaning up the notes and citations.  I still have some work to do.  Trust me, there is nothing fun about cleaning up citations.  My deadline for all that is the end of October 2017.

We plan to have a finished book in hand within the year.

Simply amazing.

As for the blog: I've been cleaning out old links in the blogroll -- so many of my old blog buddies don't exist anymore.  I took out the ones that were broken links or non-existent, blog removed, that sort of thing. If you haven't updated since 2011 you are deleted.  I know my blogging has been slow, but I have at least updated periodically.

I'm moving on to website links now and cleaning house there, too.

To some degree my new and improved blogroll will also reflect my evolving interests.  This blog began in 2008 and much has changed since then.  At its peak, I was pulling in about 1,000 readers a day - never as much as the big guys like The Other McCain or Legal Insurrection, but decent enough.  These days, readership is way down.

Part of that is my infrequent posts while I concentrated on the book and I guess part of that is probably lack of interest in the things I post.  We used to get some rousing debates going on here in the comments and I hope as I pull this place back off life support, we can get that going again.

My interests have turned more to the craft of writing (for obvious reasons), Southern Literature (again, obvious), and local interests.  I'm deeply interested in the eradication of Southern history that is sweeping our nation right now and find it deeply disturbing.  I've done more than my fair share of monument blogging both here and at DaTechGuy where I still post every Monday.

I'm less tolerant these days about blogging things just for hits; you probably won't see me blogging the Memeorandum headlines anymore just for the sake of blog hits or to get linked there.  I doubt I'll be blogging about the NFL simply because everyone else is and it's just not my thing. I will try to bring you something different.

I hope if you are reading this then you will continue to drop by and that you will share posts you like with your friends either through email or your social media.  If you blog, link to me now and then and I'll return the favor.  It would make me happy to see comments showing up again and readers coming back.

Thanks for sticking around.


Anonymous said...

“At it's peak”

No apostrophe

Pat Austin said...

Of course. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keep at it Pat! I enjoy hearing how things are going in the old home town. Crusty Old TV Guy sends.

Mike said...

I'm still out there with you. Thanks for keeping my link alive.