Saturday, June 5, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Good Friends Edition

Today's edition of the Full Metal Jacket Round-up is dedicated to good friends.  These two fine people are our good friends Ray and Donna; they are pulling out on Tuesday headed for Hanscom AFB and we're taking them out to dinner tonight to say goodbye.  I'm not in the military and not used to saying goodbye to friends, so I'll probably cry all night, but Steve is used to it and he'll shore me up. 

Ray has been a chaplain here at Barksdale for the past few years and he's one of the greatest, jolliest people you'll ever meet.  You'll almost never see him without that grin.  He's from Pascagoula and he really sounds like it, so I can't imagine what they'll think of his heavy southern accent in Boston!  His wife Donna is a joy to be around and you can't spend five minutes with either of them without laughing.  Donna is one of the two people I know who can quote every line from Monty Python and it's funny every single time.

The good news is that they have family here and will be back.  We'll see them again.  Donna is looking forward to the cool things to see and do in the Boston/New England area and they'll be fine.  We'll be the ones lonely without them.  Godspeed, good friends!  See you soon!

On that woeful note, on to the links:

No Sheeples Here takes her anger at Helen Thomas out with a nifty Photoshop creation.  Left Coast Rebel has the truly shocking video of Helen's comments.  Disgraceful. 

Doug Ross has the transcript of Helen's comments and adds his insight.

Carol's Closet has Marco Rubio's response to the Israel story.

Stacy McCain reports that Rush Limbaugh is getting married today; Stacy has also been all over the Jake Knotts story.

Little Miss Attila is rooting for a Nikki Haley victory and suggests some people might "need a Bigot-to English Dictionary."  Heh!

Fishersville Mike knows how to settle the Nikki Haley controversy (and links the famous Speedo picture!).

Pundit & Pundette take aim at Paul McCartney, dubbing Sir Paul "Maroon of the Week."  Camp of the Saints weighs in also and has the perfect headline for the story.

Viewed From the Right finds a teachable moment in the botched baseball call this week.

SWAC Girl is my go-to blog for great pictures, as well as other things, and she doesn't disappoint with her discovery of a baby fawn!  Gorgeous!

Wyblog notes the decline of Miley Cyrus.

Fuzzy Slippers laments the divisive tactics of Obama in a well-reasoned post.

Caught Him With a Corndog is totally not in favor of a mosque near Ground Zero.

Sandy is making a full time job out of making me hungry.  Luckily I am armed with plenty of fresh vegetables today!

William Teach has your Friday news dump regarding the Obama administration and the hiring of illegal workers.

Pecan Corner explores lessons on civility (and wrote some beautiful stuff about my Coushatta post yesterday!)

Okay, Sandy's made me hungry, as I said, and I have to get some of these wonderful vegetables on to cook for lunch.  We're headed to Copelands for dinner tonight with Ray and Donna and I just know I'm not going to eat anything too healthy there!  Crawfish bread, shrimp/tasso pasta....nah.  Not health food. 

Have a great Saturday!


Bob Belvedere said...

1) Thanks for the compliment, Pat, and the link.

2) Tell your friends there's a lot of great things to see and enjoy up here in New England. History oozes out of every nook and cranny, and many of the historical sites are quite relevant these days. Also, The Lakes Region of NH is a great place for getaways - especially Wolfboro where we go.

Tina said...

Aw... thanks for the link! :-)