Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally, I Feel Hope

More later.  On the go today.

But first, I'm making a donation!


Bill said...

I was hoping for Ryan or Rubio. Good choice

MikeAT said...

You're not the only one four hours after the announcement Romney raised 1.2 million.

And Bill I prefer Ryan at this time. His seat is from a strong enough district we can hold it with a conservative but there is a chance the Florida senate seat can fall to a moderate Republican or God forbid a Democrat. I want to keep him in the Senate (we need good conservatives there) but he's on the farm team for the future!

Also this is a serious sign Romney wants to handle the budget and entitlements. And assuming we have Romney for 8 years Ryan would be the heir apparent and assuming he's not corrupted Ryan would be a great president.

And yes, Romney is getting money from me....let's say it, FORWARD!