Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Spontaneous Stop in a Sports Bar?

A few weeks back, on Pundette's blog, PoliticalJunkieMom pointed out how often the press now makes mention of Obama and his affinity for beer:

This is why the Obamas are making such a big deal of the home brew. This is why they're travelling with bottles of beer: to make a rather subversive point about Romney's Mormonism. They could do it with coffee. Or soda. But beer is the most effective way to show how "out of touch" he is while they follow the "traditional All-American home brewing" methods.

Because we couldn't possible elect a president who doesn't like beer, right?   How shallow.

The pandering continues in this report by Mary Bruce who reports on Obama's most recent beer stop:
Rolling to Orlando this evening, President Obama’s bus tour made a surprise stop at a local sports bar for beer and a little college football.
“There he is,” a girl squealed, according to pool reports, as Obama walked into Gators Dockside bar and grill, doing the “gator chomp.”
The president went straight to the bar and ordered a pint of beer before working his way around the room, chatting with patrons as the Florida State vs. Savannah State game played on the TVs.

Are we really to believe that the big black armored bus was rolling down the road when Obama spontaneously saw a sports bar and decided he wanted to stop for a beer?    That the Secret Service hadn't come through and cleaned the place?  That Obama just wanted to catch the game and have a brew?



There isn't much the president of the free world does that is quite that spontaneous.

That the press thinks we would be fooled by this transparent attempt to make Romney appear as The Other and Not Normal is pathetic.  It's sad.

I don't care if Obama drinks beer or if Romney doesn't.  Does anybody really vote that way?

I suppose next we'll be hearing about a new Oktoberfest celebration on the White House lawn.


Rex said...

I think Bill Maher (of all people) gets it:

William Teach said...

I have to wonder if Obama has a bit of a drinking problem. Not an alcoholic by any means, he just really seems to like to have beer. Consider how much partying he did his first few years. Consider he held a beer summit. Consider that his doctor told him to cut back on the drinking (and smoking).

Rex said...

If all we had to worry about was him drinking beer, I'd be fine with that. However, we have far bigger problems to worry about. He IS fundamentally transforming our country - just as promised.

Hell, I'd be ok if he got red-nosed drunk every night and couldn't govern at all..... ;-)