Saturday, September 29, 2012

Estate Sale Treasures

It's been a while since I posted much of anything some estate sale treasures, but I hit a cool one today.  I was on my way to the hospital to sit with mom when I stopped by a sale in an older home in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town.

I love looking at these old, fine homes when I go to estate sales.  This particular home had a built in gate at the top of the stairs, a built in telephone nook with recessed lighting, a huge, spooky basement, and off the dining room there was a cool, almost round sun room on the side of the house with louvered windows, and beautiful crystal chandeliers in the living and dining areas.  What kills me is that in these old, fine homes where the wealthiest first citizens of Shreveport lived, the kitchens are incredibly tiny.  What's up with THAT?!  The living and dining rooms are grand but I don't get the tiny kitchens.

This home hadn't been renovated or updated ever, I don't think.  It was wonderful.

The first thing I found that I couldn't leave behind was these adorable individual jelly bowls.  How cute!

I haven't pulled out my guides yet to identify the pattern but I love them.  

But here I was, people swarming all around and I'm trying to figure out how to grab all six of these and not break or damage them.  I dashed into the kitchen and found an old aluminum cake pan and put the jellies in that.  Then I was able to walk around and continue my search.

Soon I added these fabulous Fire King mugs to my stash:

Three are custard colored and one is white.  Love!  (Would love them more in jadeite but I'm still pleased.)

I fell in love with this white and navy enamelware pitcher:

I also added to my enamelware collection with these white and red bowls:

The one on the right is rather large and then left one is mid sized.  Both great for shelling peas!

I could not leave this cake plate behind:

It's in great condition - no scratches.

I found a box of old postcards and picked these three from Germany.  They're written on and addressed on the back and that makes them even better:

And finally, on the way out, I found this Vapo-Cresoline burner.  SO cool!

Read more about the Vapo-Cresoline lamp here.

What's even better is that I got all of it at 50% off its marked price!

I love a good estate sale!

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Red said...

Good haul! Love the pitcher and bowls.