Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Begins

The Palinization of Dr. Ben Carson begins; after a shouting match on Hannity, Leo Terrell calls Dr. Carson a "puppet" created by Sean Hannity:

Then things really got heated when Terrell said, “You created Dr. Carson ever since February 15. All of a sudden he knows everything about politics. You created a monster. You created a guy who has fifteen minutes of fame. He’s out of time now. He has no more fame.”

Because we all know that you can't be a politician if you don't know anything about politics, right?

(Via Newsbusters)


bill said...

I saw the segment on Hannity with Terrell. He has pretended to be angry and removed his headset before on Hannity,s show. He always acts the same way but never fails to say something outrageous. I think that is the reason Hannity invites him on the show. A lot of people like what they did, but I hate everyone talking at the same time which happens a lot on Hannity. I seldom watch.

Red said...

He doesn't tow the (black) party line therefore he is a "puppet". I wonder why people who think for themselves receive such wrath?