Sunday, April 28, 2013

"She's Kind of a Big Deal..."

Senator Mary Landrieu thinks she is "indispensable":

"Without sounding braggadocios, I'm indispensable in this effort to secure for Louisiana a significant and reliable string of revenue to save our coast," Landrieu, 57, said in an interview. 

She is, of course, referencing her work to save Louisiana's coastline which is important, but she's certainly not the only person to care about, or work for, that.

Senator Landrieu (D) is running for re-election in 2014, after seventeen years in the U.S. Senate.  She has drawn one Republican challenger so far, Rep. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana's sixth congressional district in south-central Louisiana.

Rep. John Fleming has opted out of a challenge saying that he does not want to splinter
Republican support for Rep. Cassidy.

While Senator Landrieu has indeed supported the Keystone pipeline, her voting record is otherwise abysmally liberal.  "Louisiana Purchase Mary" voted FOR Obamacare, FOR the 2009 stimulus bill, AGAINST the repeal of Obamacare,  She has voted FOR gun-control measures and FOR online sales taxes.

While nobody is really "indispensable," Senator Landrieu does seem to think she's "kind of a big deal."

Senator Landrieu might think she's indispensable, but I think it's time she learned that someone else can do her job and better represent Louisiana's values.  Rep. Cassidy's voting record to date is here.  SIGIS will be posting more about Rep. Cassidy's record and accomplishments.

Donate to Rep. Bill Cassidy's campaign and sign up to help.  His website is here.  His Facebook is here.

(H/T:  United Liberty)


Anonymous said...

Ever hear of context -- sure you have as an English teacher. From you summation you seem to imply that on the specific issue mentioned in the current United States Senate that was referenced in what you chose to quote, Rep. Cassidy is of equal importance as one of the two Senators from Louisiana. Hmm, wonder how you'd respond if someone suggested Cedric Richmond was equally as important on a particular current Senate issue as David Vitter. Feel free to bash Landrieu, but you sure had to take the long way around the block for a cheap shot on this quote.

Pat Austin said...

Well, the basic thesis of the post is that Landrieu has an overinflated sense of her importance, as most in Washington do, and that nobody is indispensable. Ni stand by the thesis though I concede it may have been awkwardly worded; the "big deal" reference is a pop culture reference to the movie Anchorman, but jokes aren't ever as funny once you have to explain them.

Thank you for your comment!

Traditional Tibby said...

Uhm, no Mary, you aren't. Just. NO.

Andy said...

Pat, I actually think Cassidy has a chance to beat the gal.

I know it looks like one of them snowball chances in the bad place.

But, things could break Cassidy's way. In the next year, ObamaCare is gonna become a HUGE issue (again), as employers, and small (tiny) biniss folks struggle with it. Ummmm....SHE was the deciding vote in the Senate (if memory serves).

PLUS, Cassidy has a lot going for him. He is sharp as a tack...well versed in the Health Industry...and not bland and fence-jumpish (is that a word) like her last Senate opponent John Kennedy.

I think he has a shot.

I can't say that I HATE Mary (because HATE is a strong emotion, which should only be reserved for the truly evil), but I can say with certainty that I like her the least of any US Senator that has represented me in my 53+ years of being a Louisianian.

She's just old, arrogant, NO & DC. She needs to be beaten for the good of us all. And, should Cassidy pull it off...well...Harry Reid will throw expressions even uglier than normal. That'll be WAY COOL!

BTW...I actually like her brother, Mitch. Really, I do.

Anonymous said...

As Anonymous at 3:59 you need to know i got the attempt at the joke, don't flatter yourself as being that cool. The point was do you truly believe that in specific matters before Congress our Senators -- either one of any party -- are not indispensable to our interests. That's what even more "not funny" about your hip post. Because if Mary does have an overinflated sense of her importance as a Senator on legislative matters for Louisiana as one of the two people in the Senate charged with standing up for our interests. Then so does Vitter -- I can't wait for your fair-and-balanced pop cultures slams to Vitter related to his exciting hobbies.

RebeccaH said...

It was safe for her to support the Keystone pipeline, because she knows Obama will do everything in his power to stop it. Also, it's kind of necessary for her to vote for it because Louisiana is (or was) an oil-producing and refinery state, and they would look dimly on votes against. Don't think for a minute she really wants it.