Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Asking For a Little Help: UPDATE

We are 7 days from the start of school and I want to, once again, thank those who have contributed to our school supply drive and update you on where we stand now.  I've received pens, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, composition books, and the SmashBooks for the Creative Writing class.

We haven't received a single book!  Please check your bookshelves and if you have a gently used copy of any of the three books below and feel you could donate that book to a child in need, please send it to Bossier High School, 777 Bearkat Drive, Bossier City, LA  71111, attn:  Mrs. Becker.

Or you can order a new or gently used book from the Amazon links below.  I've been combing all the thrift book stores in town and Goodwill.  I've found exactly TWO copies of our required books.

These books are on our new Common Core curriculum which is unfunded and for which no money is available for books.  In a high poverty school, many of our students are simply not able to go purchase a $10 paperback for class.

These are our current needs:

Again, thanks so much to those who have responded!  I'll update later when I get your supplies in the hands of these kids!


Charlotte said...

2 copies of Curious Incident on the way to you

Pat Austin said...

Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I probably just missed it but how many of the books do you need? Do you have a list of the items and quantities left?

Would a money donation be better or worse?

Bob from Atlanta

Pat Austin said...

I'll do an update post, Bob, but the quick answer is that I still need a minimum of 25 of each of the books. If I end up getting more, all the better, because invariably someone will lose one. I'm running them all through the school library so if a kid loses a book he/she will be responsible for replacing it. Thanks for asking!