Monday, July 29, 2013

The Power of Social Media is Helping Kids!

The power of social media is an awesome thing.
My desperate plea for classroom supplies for my students has reached more people than I thought possible and many good folks have been very generous in helping us.

Again, in a perfect world parents would take responsibility and send their kids to school with proper supplies, but we all know reality is completely different.  Common Core doesn't make it any easier as schools put their dollars to fund new testing and curriculum changes.

The young student can't control the whims of the DOE or the pocketbooks of their parents so I thank you very much for chipping in what you can to help my students.

While I received several very meaningful and critical donations so far, we still have a few needs.  If you can possibly help, you can click on the SOS widget in the sidebar or just purchase directly through the Amazon links below.  If you do Amazon, your contribution should be shipped to Bossier High School, 777 Bearkat Drive, Bossier City, LA, 71111.  It should be marked to the attention of Mrs. Becker (that's me.).  You can make a kid's day!

Again, my students thank you, and I thank you!

(And remember, if you're ordering the novel, a used copy is fine.  Many of the gently used copies are in very good condition and are much cheaper than new.)

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