Saturday, February 15, 2014

Distinguished Service Cross Awarded to Delta Force Operator Who Saved Numerous Lives in Benghazi

I'm a little slow to this story but I feel that it's noteworthy enough to post anyway, especially since I'm not seeing much about it in legacy media.  The Washington Times reports that Master Sgt. David Halbruner was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross recently, likely for his role in saving lives in Benghazi on Sept 11-12, 2012.  The citation reads:

“Without regard for his own safety, Master Sergeant Halbruner’s valorous actions, dedication to duty and willingness to place himself in harm’s way for the protection of others was critical to the success of saving numerous United States civilian lives. Throughout the operation, Master Sergeant Halbruner continually exposed himself to fire as he shepherded unarmed civilians to safety and treated the critically wounded. His calm demeanor, professionalism and courage was an inspiration to all and contributed directly to the success of the mission. Master Sergeant Halbruner’s distinctive accomplishments are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his Command and the United States Army.”

Is the White House still sticking with that silly video story?

I think this is probably closer to what really happened, as opposed to a "spontaneous attack" over a video.

Has the mainstream media reported on Master Sgt. Halbruner's medal?  Or are they just hoping Benghazi will go away so it won't be a stone in Hillary's path back to Pennsylvania Avenue?


Anonymous said...

I would not see anything significant in a lack of media coverage of this award. They typically do not report on such matters except the Medal of Honor.

Tina said...

I saw this report, and withheld judgment until I could hear from people within the ranks who are in a position to know. But I have still seen nothing. I am highly suspicious of this award, and question it being given now, less than 12 months after this scandal, before any investigations have been completed. I dred to take from any person's bravery or earned recognition, but in this particular scenario I cannot but suspect even the recipient would rather have less attention for it.

There is a Benghazi post in my head, but I keep debating whether to write it until close to election time - especially if H."WDDIM" R.C. should be running. I almost hope she IS the candidate, as that would I think assure a Republican victory for the White House. The electorate suffers abused woman syndrome, and I fear they will keep falling for the pretty new face that promises them the moon so long as they don't make tuna salad for dinner.