Sunday, February 16, 2014

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Post Yard Work Edition

I'm a slacker: I didn't get my weekly linkage post up this morning.

I have a good excuse.

Sort of.  

I was in a total fog yesterday; I've had insomnia since I was a kid.  I take meds for it and when I went to pick up my prescription refill this week it hadn't been called in.  So I went a couple of nights without it and trust me, as a person who needs eight hours of sleep to function, I was not fit to be around yesterday.  I even had to cancel my plans to go see The Sultans at El Potrillo last night because I just couldn't do it.  

Anyway, I got the meds and slept great last night; so today I got up and pruned four crepe myrtle trees and two sweet olives in the hopeful anticipation of spring.  I hung new outdoor white lights on the deck and mulched all my leaves.  I'm exhausted now, but it's a good tired as opposed to a no-sleep tired.  Mr. SIGIS and I are settled in for the afternoon now, watching LSU baseball.

Around the blogosphere:

At Legal Insurrection, an Obama gif.  And people are offended.  We are a nation of political correctness gone amok.

At Lonely Conservative, Michelle does Aspen.

American Power has a crazed camel story; you don't see that one everyday.

Pirate's Cove has the weekly linkfest.

The Other McCain posts on the Ellen Page coming out thing.  Why is this even a thing?  Why is this news?

Doug Ross reports that John Boehner has challengers for his re-election.

To the eternal question, "If you could spend one hour in conversation with someone, who would it be?", Saberpoint chooses Mark Twain.  I'm not sure I could choose one person.  It would depend on when you ask me, too.  Right now, I'd probably choose Cammie Henry because I'm fascinated with her.  But most days, I'd probably pick my mother.  Other days I might pick Ronald Reagan.  Or Thomas Jefferson.

At Da Tech Guy, apparently our federal government is sending out $500 checks.

Adrienne blogs on our American Royalty.

And finally, Ed Driscoll, who posts on infighting at Washington Post.

For now, that's about it.  I'm back to my obsessive research on Cammie Henry and life at Melrose with the baseball game in the background.

How do you plan to celebrate President's Day?

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