Saturday, February 8, 2014

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Waiting For Baseball Edition

Lazy Saturday; gray, cold, blah.  We had snow in Shreveport yesterday (it still counts as snow even if it didn't stick) and tomorrow we're expecting 65 degrees, sun, and the first Centenary baseball home game.  Welcome to Louisiana where you can have all four seasons of weather in one week.

Catching my eye from around the blogosphere:

Donald Douglas at American Power is having fun watching the Olympics.  I used to enjoy watching the Olympics - some events more than others.  Now I'm crotchety and bitchy and I'm boycotting the Sochi games because I don't believe in killing dogs.  That's not to say anyone who watches condones dog killing; I'm certain nobody approves of that action.  I'm just boycotting.

What in the hell is wrong with all these so called teachers in these teacher-has-sex-with-student stories?  Stacy McCain blogs about yet another one (she looks about 17 herself) in Tacoma.  For the life of me I just don't get it.  There are some sick people out there.

Legal Insurrection's headline "Wendy Davis' Open Carry announcement may cost her any chance of winning" indicates at first glance that there is a fraction of a chance she could win.  Once you read the post, however, I think "fraction" is rather generous.  She's toast.

Lonely Conservative has Obama's pen and phone covered.  Not only could I not listen to the SOTU, I couldn't even make myself read the transcript.  I can't even watch the 22 second clip where O talks about his pen and phone.  His voice grates.

Pirate's Cove reports on the latest Obamacare deadline extension (there have been so many) and the ability to change plans.  There is no possible good outcome to all this, of course.  We are all socialists now.

Adrienne has a little video you need to see from NBC News about Medicare, physical therapy, and the classification of your hospital stay.  I'm somewhat familiar with all this as my mother was in and out of the hospital because of various spills and falls and was then dispatched to rehab a couple of times.  Medicare pays for 100 days of rehab in those cases if you were an overnight inpatient in a hospital for 3 nights.  Now, under Obamacare, you might need to be sure they've classified your hospital stay as inpatient if you need rehab.  Sticky wicket.

Da Tech Guy has a post on that "pivotal experiment" that most of us call Communism, and he explores the perspective of age.  Do you remember the Cold War?  Of course most of us do.  What worries me today is that not nearly enough folks study history.  Really study history, I mean.  Ed Driscoll also chimes in.

Doug Ross has an excellent post on the IRS intimidation scandal.

Reaganite Republican is probably not a Jeb Bush fan given his post of Hyper-Stupid Things Said By Jeb Bush.  (I'm not either, for the record.)

Critical Narrative has a lovely snow picture.  Better him than me; I have nasty rain pictures.  Tomorrow I will have sunshiny-baseball pictures.

The Old Jarhead got a good medical report.  This makes me happy.

Tom Aswell at Forward Now! has a nice interview with John M. Barry who has fallen out with Bobby Jindal.  Barry is involved in a lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies over the destruction of the state's wetlands.  Jindal decided not to reappoint Barry to the Coastal Restoration Authority but this hasn't stopped Barry from fighting for the wetlands.  I keep telling folks that Jindal is not the savior they think he is.

Louisiana Educator has the results of his Common Core survey.  Not surprised.

On that note, I'm off to do some reading.  I have stacks of books waiting for me, both physical and digital, and I long to get lost in one of them.  Right now I'm engaged in proofreading a friend's next novel and am about halfway through that.  It's very good and I don't really want it to end.  I'll share it with you when it's published.  Soon.

Also stay tuned because in the next couple of weeks there will be an interesting announcement here.  I'm not at liberty to share yet, but check back.

Meanwhile, stay warm and think spring.  Baseball is coming.

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