Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Dog That Will Steal Your Heart

I almost started this post with "It's been a busy week...", then thought the better of it.  Who hasn't had a busy week?  Good grief.  I need to expand my cliche list.

To the point:  What's been on my mind a great deal this week is the story of Braveheart.  Almost everyone in the local community knows about Braveheart and the wonderful people that worked to save his life.  It's a miracle story of hope and love.  I did a post on his story back in October; go to A Voice for Braveheart on Facebook and read his whole story.

The final next court date for Braveheart's alleged abuser is April 8 and  A Voice for Braveheart has been retelling Brave's story over the past couple of weeks and posting pictures of his recovery just to remind people what has transpired since Brave was found abandoned and left to die in a storage locker last September.

This picture below still brings a tear to my eye - it was taken when Brave's foster, now forever, parents Bo and Ronda Spataro were reunited with him after the city seized him as "evidence" and put him in the animal shelter.  The look of love and relief on Ronda's face just kills me.

Whether you're "an animal person" or "a dog person" really doesn't matter in something like this.  To me, this all comes down to whether or not you're a person.  What kind of person are you?  What kind of person would do this to a dog?  What kind of person would fight so hard to save a dog?   It's the two polar opposites of human nature.

As the April 8 date approaches, and since April is Prevention Against Cruelty to Animals Month, I would ask you to go on over and meet Braveheart, or to reacquaint yourself with him.  Braveheart's supporters will be in the courtroom April 8 and anyone that would like to go support Braveheart is free to attend.  They only ask that you be respectful of the judicial process and that there are no outbursts during the
process.  If you can attend and help support Brave in numbers, please do.  If you can't attend, please hold a good thought for Braveheart that his abuser receives the maximum penalty under law for what he did to this beautiful, loving dog.

A while back someone asked Bo if it wouldn't be a powerful statement if he could take Braveheart into the courtroom and Bo had a wonderful answer that could not have been more perfect:  he said that he would not consider doing such a thing because he never wants Braveheart to have to look into the eyes of the person that abused him and left him to die ever again.  From now on he should know only love.

Amen to that.

(Photo Credit:  The top two photos are courtesy of A Voice For Braveheart.)


Bo Spataro said...

Thank you for creating awareness around an issue near and dear to my heart. ~ Bo.

Anonymous said...

God blessed Braveheart so he can and will always be a voice for those who can not speak. The hungry,abused and neglected fur family. His finding was a miracle from a higher power beyond man. Justice will be served here or in the here after. In the mean time we will all speak loud and clearly for Braveheart and other fur family.

Beth Kinsey said...

Love this.. <3

Jayhawk said...

The Peoples Court has a guy who introduces and comments on cases, I'm sure you know his name but it escapes me at the moment, who says that you should always obtain a new pet from a shelter rather than a pet store. The reason, he says, is that "They know what you did for them and will reward you with love their entire lives."

My calico cat Molly came from a shelter, as have all of my cats, and he is exactly right.