Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blog Surfing

Rainy Sunday morning here in Shreveport.

Let's do a quick blog surf; it's been a while:

Legal Insurrection has a great couple of photos that illustrate the mind set of so many liberals.

I enjoyed George Kelly's post at Da Tech Guy on What Makes America Great.

The Louisiana Educator has several good posts about what is happening in our current legislative session with regard to Common Core issues and all things education.

The Foundry explains how the environmentalists are killing jobs.

Via Pirate's Cove, Kansas passes a sweeping Second Amendment law.

Michelle Malkin is continuing the good fight against PARCC and Common Core.

PJ Tatler reports on a politically incorrect Easter Egg Hunt - with skepticism.

And speaking of Easter, since all I've had for breakfast is a box of Peeps, I better go find something else to eat.  

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Mike said...

A box of peeps - the breakfast of blogging champions.