Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Loose Thoughts

April Fool's!

Anyone trick you today?    I've spent the day with three classes of teenagers, so you know how my day went.

We had spring break last week and it was a much needed break.  I spent most of the break working on my new research project which included three trips to nearby Natchitoches.  There will be much more of that this summer.

We are back in the testing grind this week at school; this time of year is all about testing.  We've done the PLAN, EXPLORE and ACT tests.  ASVAB is tomorrow.  We have EOC in about four weeks and I just hated to even bring it up today when I was delivering a brief lesson introducing the kids to the test that is to come.  They are just tested to absolute death by this time of the year.  By the time they get to the EOC test, which is counts as part of the school performance score and in part measures my success as a teacher, they are worn out from testing.  I can't blame them.  Sometimes it seems like it's all about the test which takes the fun out of learning.  I hate that.

Anyway, I'm working my way through it.  I'm doing a whole lot of reading that is related to my research project so blogging here s light.  Remember that I have a regular Sunday gig at Da Tech Guy and I'd be tickled if you'd check that out.  Every Sunday at 5 p.m., CST, my post goes up.  Check it out.

The news cycle right now is boring me to death - I'm tired of talking about the missing airplane.  I think it's in Pakistan somewhere and that it's time for us to quit looking in the ocean for it. Start worrying about the home front.  I'm sick to death of the phony numbers of people now enrolled in Obamacare: the program is killing this country and it's ridiculous to try and tell me that seven million people have signed up and expect me to believe that is a success.  How many of them have paid?  How many are under 40?  How many were kicked off a plan that they liked in the first place?  How many are now paying a higher deductible?  How many are paying a much higher premium?  How many jobs were lost as businesses laid off people?  How many insurance companies folded?  Shall I go on?

No.  I think not.

Politics is pissing me off right now.  What else is new?

I'm off to find my happy place and I'll check back in with a happier inner spirit which I find it.  Summer is coming!  (You know, in Louisiana we pretty much skip right over spring.  Spring lasts about fifteen minutes then we are on to summer).  Summer.  I can see it from here.

How is your world?


Adrienne said...

I'm bored, too.

Tina said...

I couldn't sign up for an insurance policy that funds child murder, and I am a Christian, so I have signed up with Christian Healthcare Ministries, a medical cost-sharing charity. I blogged about it a couple of years ago, but didn't join until this month. It is affordable, where insurance would not have been, and I am not willing to apply for Medicade just because Obamacare says to - we do without government "free help".

Our church's private school are testing this week also. I've been telling our little neighbor how I always looked forward to test weeks in school - no homework, special treats in the cafeteria, out early some days. May the rest of your test times be relaxed and easy. Your students will come through for you!

Summer! YAY! I <3 Summer. My onions are planted, my tomato plants are growing under their lights, our friend has offered to come install a drip system in the garden on them for me. And I hear rumors this might be the year El Nino returns and our long hot drought finally breaks. God, and life, are good! :-)