Thursday, April 23, 2015

Those Legal Insurrection Readers are Tough!

So, I've got a guest post up over at Legal Insurrection today.  Go check it out.

It's about Marco Rubio.  Bill Jacobson asked a while back if conservatives could "fall in love with Rubio" again.  As one of the original Not One Red Cent bloggers, he asked me to respond, and I did.

The comments are scathing over there; I quit monitoring them!  They hate Rubio and don't like me much, either!

Hey, I didn't say I was voting for him; way too early for that.

But here's the thing.  Cruz is wonderful but he's too good.  He won't pull all the demographics we need to get the Executive branch back.  Scott Walker is great - not enough name recognition.  Rubio isn't perfect.  The Gang of Eight deal will haunt him forever, but he's got a good answer for immigration which I highlight in my LI post.

If we sit around and wait for Reagan to rise from the dead, we're going to end up with President Hillary.

I'm NOT for blanket amnesty.  I AM for enforcing the laws and the border.  But I also see reality and I like Rubio's current plan.  The issue the LI readers seem to have for Rubio is trust.  They don't trust him anymore; Rubio will have to work to earn that trust back.

Anyway, go check it out.  I'm not monitoring comments over there so feel free to comment here, too.


edutcher said...

Don't support anybody you can't trust.

What you say is valid, but it's what they said about His Poutiness in '08.

Clean, articulate, no Ricky accent. He's doublecrossed just about everybody.

You really want not only your heart broken, but to get sold out, too?

I see your point, but, at some point,
you have to stick to your guns.


Maybe this is a guy thing.

Jim said...

Yep, rough crowd!