Saturday, May 30, 2015

Red River Flooding Photos, Part II

Last week I posted photos of the rising Red River.

This week, it's even higher.

I started this week at the Arthur Ray Teague boat launch.  What is different this week is the fishermen.  Last week there were one or two people fishing the high waters; this week they are everywhere.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

WHY is that guy standing in the water?!

They are parked all along the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway on the shoulder, fishing.

Just south of the Arthur Ray Teague boat launch.

When I first pulled up to Stoner boat launch, the gate was across the entrance and you couldn't drive in, but in a few minutes the Sheriff opened it and let a few cars in.  I scooted through.

The water is much higher than it was last week; this week it is up into the parking lot.

Last week you could see another picnic table in this view; now it is totally submerged.

The launch is completely under water.

Prisoners were working at the Sheriff's sub-station piling sandbags; if the river reaches the predicted crest of 33 feet (three feet above flood stage), it will flood the sub-station.

Piling up sandbags.

I was there about five minutes before they started running everyone back out.

They wanted to be sure we left.

So, I headed down to Riverview Park.

Last week the water was still about a foot below stage level but this week it is totally submerged.

Right now, the water is at 29.8 feet, and rising.

Again, there were a lot of people out with cameras and with children looking at the river and recording this historic event.

This is Riverview Park at the 2012 Barkus & Meoux parade, not flooded.


And on to the Stoner boat launch.

Stoner Boat Launch and Skate Park

That's the skate park to the far right; under water is the entire parking lot.

And again, the fishermen were out in force.

I asked if they were catching anything - negative.

They need a boat to get to their office.

A closer shot of the launch.  You can see the ramp where the base is for the guys that patrol the river.
I went further south to Hamel's Memorial Park.  Totally under water.

And more fishing.

You can see the Clyde Fant Parkway to the far left.  Water is close to the road.

Don't think we'll sit on that bench...

Hamel's Memorial Park

This is the boat ramp, under water.

Hamel's Memorial Park

But, the turtle likes it.

Here is where you can watch the level of the river and the predicted crest, which changes daily.  As of right now, the predicted crest is about 33 feet, next week.

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WHY is that guy standing in the water?!

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