Sunday, May 17, 2015

Red River Flooding 2015

The Red River is rising.  It isn't quite to the 2009 levels yet, but it's getting there.  I drove down to the river this morning to take a look.

Riverview Park May 2015

Riverview Park November 2009
As of noon today, the water isn't quite to the stage level as it was in 2009.  Right now the river is at 28.55 feet; in November 2009 it was 29.45 feet.  The latest projections by the National Weather Service is that the river will crest at 29 feet sometime tomorrow and then begin to go down.  But, they're still getting lots of rain in Texas and Oklahoma, so that may change.

I went down to the Arthur Ray Teague boat launch and the water is up to the parking lot there and has submerged part of the picnic area.

Boat launch at Arthur Ray Teague

Some of the picnic tables are under water.

No picnic today.
I stopped several places along the parkway and at most of them there were people out with cameras taking pictures or just looking at the river.

Arthur Ray Teague Boat Launch

I went a little further down toward CenturyLink and there are clearly places where the water is over the bank.

Along the parkway
Most of the walking trails are still clear and there were people fishing, biking, and walking all along the way.

Stoner Boat Launch, from the Skate Park

Hopefully, the projections are correct and it won't get much higher;  the public boat launches are closed but private launches still provide access although I didn't see anyone foolhardy enough to get on the water today.

You can keep up with the river stages at various points here.

You can read more about the Red River Watershed Basin here.

Here's a neat website about the Red River area and accompanying blog.

ADDED:  Red River Flooding Part II:  May 30, 2015

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