Sunday, May 31, 2015

Red River Flooding Roundup

The forecast over the next few days is blissfully clear of rain which is at least a positive sign for those anticipating flooding from the rising Red River this week.

As of noon today the river is still slightly above flood stage and is at 30.5 feet with a projected crest of 33.7 on June 5.

As of noon, May 31, 2015

As I was taking photos along both the Clyde Fant and the Arthur Ray Teague Parkways yesterday, I kept running into people who were out with cameras to record this historic flood.  I saw parents with children:  "It's never done this before?" I heard one child ask.  "Not in a long time," said his mother.

In March 2015, KTBS looked back at the historic 1990 flood.  We had the same sort of situation.  It was in May that we had 12 - 18 inches of rain in the same areas that have been affected in past weeks over the Ark-la-Tex which filled the Red River watershed area:

Via KTBS, March 2015

As a result, Hamel's Park and C. Bickham Dickson Park flooded, as one might expect.  There was also flooding along Wells Island Road near the downtown airport and water topped the Clyde Fant Parkway around the Jimmy Davis Bridge.

Ironically, the KTBS retrospective says:
The Corps of Engineers have made many flood control improvements to the Red River since the 1990 event including the addition of Lock and Dam #5.  The chance of another major flood event of this magnitude is highly unlikely.  
As unlikely as it seemed then, it is our reality right now.

People along the bayous, streams and backwaters along the river are bracing for flood and loading up sandbags.

Here is the latest story from KTBS regarding flooding in south Bossier parish.

If you need sandbags, they are available at 1701 Monty St. in Bossier.

Here is the latest from KSLA with water levels from around the river.

Here are some specifics on Pecan Point, Lake Texoma, and DeKalb with some impressive video.

If you have pictures you'd like to share or information about closed or flooded areas, email me and we'll post it here.

Remember, do NOT drive through flooded areas!

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