Monday, June 1, 2015

Red River Flooding Photos: Part 3

Shreveport's new pastime is watching the river rise.

As of an hour and a half ago the river was at 31.36 feet and the projected crest is 34 feet Saturday.  Governor Jindal has declared a state of emergency and is preparing for flooding while Bossier Parish has been provided with 25,000 sandbags.

I went down to the river today to take more pictures and saw pretty much the same thing as before with regard to people fishing and sightseeing.

You can go here to see pictures from Saturday as a point of reference.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

Saturday, the  Bossier sheriff's office had prisoners out putting sandbags around the substation at Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

Looks like they got that done just in time.

Almost flooded.

The water is nearly covering the parking lot now.

Splashing to work.

This is overflow from the river, across from the Veterans Home.

Across from the War Veterans Home, Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

People of all ages are fishing while people in business clothes come out to look and take pictures.

Fishing along the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

One young fellow had a nice catfish.

Traffic Street between Horseshoe Casino and the Louisiana Boardwalk is closed to traffic due to overflow from the river.

Traffic Street Overpass.

Down at Riverview Park, the water is definitely higher.

Riverview Park; June 1, 2015.

Previously in this view, you could see a "Danger" sign stretched across there, but now it is under water.

Riverview Park; June 1, 2015.
In the above photo, just to the right of the center rose sculpture and right above the square white sign, you can see a drone in flight; someone was taking drone pictures.

That white blob is a trash can, now submerged.

Hard to believe this is the park that holds hundreds of people.

A little further south, across from SciPort, things don't look much better.

Across from SciPort.  Clyde Fant Parkway.

The Spirit of the Red River Cruise is definitely closed.

River Cruise: June 1, 2015.

This is what it should look like.

Not today!

Red River June 1, 2015.

You can barely see a submerged bench in the above photo, just right of center.

And, of course, the jogging trail is under water.

End of the line.


Stoner Boat Launch is still a hot spot for fishermen; the parking lot was full today with people taking pictures and looking around.  People are not the only fishermen taking advantage of the high water:

The water is now to the walkway at Stoner Boat Launch.

Stoner Boat Launch: June 1, 2015


Fishing in the Stoner Boat Launch parking lot.

To those who live along the Mighty Mississippi, I suppose this little old Red River isn't anything at all, but to those of us who are used to the lazy Red snaking through our town and not causing much of an uproar, this is pretty impressive.  I overheard one skater at the skate park on the phone, "Man I'm here right now!  The water is halfway up the hill!  I've lived here twenty-two years and never seen anything like it!"

There is something fascinating about a wild river.  And dangerous.

Red River: June 1, 2015

Here is where you can check river levels.

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Lyn Randle said...

Thanks Pat for the pics. Shreveport is home for me and I love that I can watch the river even from Houston!

Pat Austin said...

Oh gosh, you've had your share of water in Houston!