Sunday, June 7, 2015

Red River Flooding Roundup June 7

Today is the day it will crest; the Mighty Red will crest at 36.5, they say.  At this moment it is at 36.39.

Nothing captures the devastation of this event like this new video from Sky Pixel LA; 

Check out their page for more videos and photos.

One of the dangers now is the sightseers, which is one reason I haven't been back out with my camera.  There are snakes, alligators and other critters that are in unexpected places.  The sightseers are stopping on top of the Shreveport-Barksdale bridge in the lane of traffic to gawk.  I know this because I was behind this person yesterday trying to drive to Bossier City.  One woman I know nearly rear-ended a sightseer yesterday who had stopped on I-20 to look at the river.

On the KTBS page there is a video that shows how flooded the sheriff's substation is; and of course the reporter parked on the bridge to get the video.

It is astounding when you drive over one of the bridges and see all that water in places it should not be.

Here is today's graph:

June 7, 2015
The Bossier Parish Sheriff's page continues to post vivid photos including some yesterday of the rescue of some dogs from a flooded home.

Stay safe and dry!

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