Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Red River Photos Part 4: June 3

Here is today's round of flood pictures.  I took these around 2:00 today and the river was at about 33.4 feet.  Projected crest is 34.5 Friday or Saturday.

This first picture was taken from the top of Shreveport-Barksdale bridge, looking south.  If you look at Saturday's pictures, you'll get a sense of how dramatic this is.  This parking lot is now totally under water; that's the same parking lot I was walking around on two days ago.

Arthur Ray Teague Boat Launch parking lot 
Another shot:

Arthur Ray Teague Boat Launch parking lot

There is overflow water on the opposite side of the Parkway:

From exit ramp, looking toward War Veterans Home

The Bossier Sheriff's Sub Station - flooded:

This is just south of the boat launch area; there is no parking and no fishing allowed now, so it's deserted.

Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, just south of boat launch

This is from the top of Jimmie Davis bridge:

From atop the Jimmie Davis bridge, looking north

This is overflow in the grassy area at the base of the Jimmie Davis bridge on the Shreveport side.

Overflow on Shreveport side

The water is on the shoulder of the road as you make the exit around toward Clyde Fant.  At about 10:00 in the above picture, the water is on the shoulder.

They are still fishing on the Shreveport side, but you can't park on the side of the road.

Catching fish

We could see the fish jumping in the water.

I took this from the entrance drive at Hamel's Memorial Park, looking south:

From Hamel's Memorial Park looking south

Again, you could really see fish jumping!

The boat launch at Hamel's:

Hamel's boat launch

This is the Stoner boat launch; what you see in this picture is the walking path I was on day before yesterday is now under water...

This path was not under water 72 hours ago.

But, people are still fishing here:

Fishing in the parking lot.

River watching remains Shreveport's new hobby; the city workers were checking things out:

The water should be well beyond that tree line...

The frisbee golf course is now taking on water:

Frisbee golf course, looking south from the footbridge
And into the parking lot...

Parking lot, frisbee golf course

I'm not sure who "Big Swole" is but maybe they mean the river...

Okay, so at Riverview Park, all of the terraced areas are now under water.

A ridiculous amount of water
It's hard to get a sense of how fast this current is moving, but look at the water crashing against the bridge supports:

A very swift current

Day before yesterday I took these stairs...not today...

And apparently we are protecting some very important electrical stuff...

Don't worry...I won't...

A suddenly unnecessary sign

See the bird?

Where's the bird?
Here he is...

Two birds

The birds are cool but you see that scalloped stuff sticking out of the water?  That's supposed to be a panel fence; it is ridiculously submerged.

And this bird is catching a ride on a floating tree:

Riding the current

Self explanatory:


This shot shows the steep incline at the casino:

That's the casino entrance behind the trestle

And the sightseers are out in force

No worries...

I do love the egrets...

So cute...

This looks more than ever like a fishing cork...

No cruisin' today...

You can check river levels here.  As I write this it is at 33.5; it went up a little since I started this post.

Please feel free to HIT THE TIP JAR!

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Thank you Sheriff for building a substation in a flood zone.