Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Red River Flooding Roundup: June 3

Red River June 1, 2015
There has been some good media coverage of the rising Red River over the past twenty-four hours and I'm going to round-up some of that here.

I didn't go out and do photographs yesterday; on the Bossier side of the river, law enforcement officials have run off the fisherman and have prohibited parking on the side of the Parkway.   On the Shreveport side, you're still allowed to fish but you can no longer park on the side of the highway or on the levees.  This makes sense; the heavy traffic is tearing up the levees and they won't be able to do their job keeping the water back if we weaken them with ruts and divots from our vehicles.

I have an accomplice today, however, and we will get out and get some photos this morning!

There are a lot of great photos online of this historic event.

Sky Pixel La has been doing some great drone photography.

Photo courtesy of Sky Pixel LA; River Bluff subdivison.

This photo is from River Bluff subdivision off Benton Road in Bossier City.  I'm sorry these people are flooding but why would you build a house on the inside of the levee on the river bank?

River Bluff subdivision.  

Here is Sky Pixel LA's video of River Bluff flooding:

The Shreveport Times has some interesting facts about the river; for example, the river is moving at 157,000 cubic feet of water per second right now which is six times normal rate.  Normally the river snakes quietly and slowly through town, but today it is moving very fast and you can see many, many dangerous circling eddies in the water.

Erin Buchanan for KTBS posted this nighttime picture of the river on Facebook.  It's stunning.

Photo courtesy of Erin Buchanan KTBS: Red River 6.2.2015

There are emergency shelters open in both Caddo and Bossier for anyone evacuated by flooding.  Shreveport's Allendale neighborhood has been evacuated and electricity has been shut off to those homes.

The latest water levels; note that the projected crest has risen by 1.5 feet.:

If you need sandbags, go here.

If you're out taking pictures or just looking at the rising water, watch for snakes and other creatures that are in places you may not expect due to rising water.  Watch your step.

Check back for updates.


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