Friday, May 11, 2018

There's a Sad, Empty Bookshelf in M205

(This is a repost of the exact same post from a day or two ago; for some reason all the links disappeared and could not be fixed, so I just copied and pasted the entire post and for now anyway, the wish list links work, but I lost the comments.  Very strange).

This is the bookshelf in my classroom that is to be my classroom library.  I've culled most of the books from it that had pages falling out or missing covers.

Most of what is left is pretty dated, with a few exceptions.

wrote yesterday about my desire to create a classroom library with the hope of increasing literacy and my students' vocabulary.  I did an informal survey of all of my students and was shocked at how few of them read outside of school or can even remember or discuss the last book they read outside of school for the simple enjoyment of reading.

Under the Common Core curriculum, students no longer read entire novels in class; we only read selected chapters or non-fiction articles.  Along the way, students have fallen out of love with reading.  Most of them tell me that they used to read in elementary school but just stopped.

I want my students to be life long readers, not just test takers, so it's important to me that I can offer them a book to read just for fun that is engaging and that might grow their enthusiasm about reading.

We do have a terrific school library, but I think that a classroom library sends a message to a student that literacy and reading is important.  Some students will never take the time to go browse the school library but they might pick up a book in a classroom library, particularly if the teacher highlights some of those books and encourages students to read.

I need to fill these shelves with some new books so that when school starts in August I'll have a terrific classroom library to offer my students.

To fill these shelves I've created an Amazon wish list.  I'm still adding to it, but I want to share it with you in the hope that we can stock these shelves and fill them with engaging, interesting books for my students by August.  
In fact, I hope I have to bring in more shelves!
I'm including links for some of the books below in case you'd rather not go to the wish list.
And if you can't send us a book today, please share this post or the list.  If enough people see this then I know people will help!
The students of M205 thank you, and I thank you!


Mike Thiac said...

Pat, anything in particular you want? Fiction, non-fiction?

Anonymous said...

Crusty Old TV Tech here. This is an excellent idea. I love it. Never having done an Amazon wish list before...wondering how to get something not on the list to you?

Recommend a couple action/adventure type books along the lines of Ice Station Zebra, or something more modern maybe (though McClain's prose is really timeless IMHO), and some scifi too on the list. A good assortment will really help, especially with the guys. If you don't have A Wrinkle in Time, that one is really good fantasy/scifi, and with the movie out's good for 10 year olds or so up to 15 or so. Maybe some Asimov for the Grade 11-12 end, or Philip K. Dick. Bradbury in general, and Fahrenheit 451 in particular is also great for the older end of the spectrum.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Wrinkle is on the list and Fahrenheit is too. Once someone orders a book it doesn't show up on the list anymore which is why Fahrenheit isn't showing up. But yes, you are right, a good selection is important! I' am adding to the list as people make suggestions. The list ships to the school which is 777 Bearkat Dr, Bossier City LA 71111. I will be changing that to my home address in a few days so books don't get backlogged over the summer. I'm so excited about this!