Sunday, May 20, 2018

100 Things to Do this Summer


What to do?  Here's my plan:

1. Sit in the swing under the magnolia tree with my morning coffee and listen to the quiet.
2. Turn off all alarm clocks.
3. Attend the Sunflower festival in Gilliam. Note: bring a camera.
4. Memorial Day observance at Northwest Louisiana Veteran's cemetery on May 28 and then at       Greenwood Cemetery on May 30th.
5. Spend the day floating on Cross Lake and the 2018 Floatilla (June 16).
6. Clean out closets.  Mercilessly.
7. Continuous yard work and flower bed maintenance.
8.  Spend an entire day in the hammock with a good book.
9. Walk down to the Round Bar and have a craft beer on the deck.
10. Road trip to New Iberia to see Jefferson Island and eat at Clementine.
11. Go to Lester Farms in Coushatta and stock up on fresh veggies!
12. Sit outside and shell peas.
13. Sit inside and shell peas.
14.  Watch a lot of baseball.
15. Hit the estate sales, garage sales, and thrift shops for used books for my classroom library.
16. Walk down to Querbess Grill for breakfast and stay for lunch.
17. Take the top off the Jeep and drive.  Anywhere.
18. Catch a meteor shower.
19. Road trip to Iowa to see family and America's heartland.
20. Unplug.
21. Start work on new book project.
22. Day trip to Natchitoches to sit by the Cane River.
23. Volunteer at the animal shelter.
24. Visit the Little Free Library on the corner at least once a week.
25. Listen to Dave Matthews Band concerts on Periscope (Summer 2018 Tour).
26. Visit the local craft breweries.
27.  Tour the Spring Street Museum.
28.  See the Art Goes to War exhibit at Norton Art Gallery.
29. Clean out the garage.
30. Make a new Smash Book. (It's like a scrap book but smaller).
31. Sleep past 6:30 a.m.
32. Antique shopping.
33. Experiment with my camera and learn how to use it.
34. Paint the kitchen.
35. Flag Day at the American Legion: June 14
36. Catch up on reading my magazines and journals
37. Spend an afternoon at the Shreveport Water Works Museum.
38. Another trip to New Iberia to visit Vermillion Bay
39. See St. Francisville.
40. See A Raisin in the Sun at Eastbank Theater (May 31)
41.  Red River Balloon Rally: July 13
42. Tour Oakland Cemetery and learn about Shreveport's history.
43. Clean my Jeep, inside and out.
44. Replank the back deck.
45. Visit with neighbors.
46. Make a pitcher of sun tea with fresh mint.
47. Eat a tomato sandwich
48.  Visit the Louisiana State Exhibt Museum and those cool dioramas!
49. Lose ten pounds.
50. Hang out at the Elks swimming pool.
51.  Buy sunscreen.
52. Wear flip flops.
53. Don't put on makeup.
54. Eat street tacos from a food truck.
55. Plant sunflowers.
56. Plant moon flowers.
57. Turn on the sprinkler in the front yard.
58. Watch the cats sleep in the shade under the cars.
59. Sit on the deck in the twilight and listen to the cicadas.
60. Go to a movie - one with recliners.
61. Shop the sales in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby.
62. Cross stitch.
63. Hand write letters.
64. Buy some sidewalk chalk and draw fish on the driveway.
65. Try yoga.
66. Listen to podcasts. (S-Town was great!)
67. Annual summer re-reading of To Kill a Mockingbird.
68. Clean out the freezer.  There's some scary stuff in there.
69. Walk to the Cub for Hamburger Wednesday.
70. Sit at a table by the window at LSUS Library and read in the quiet.
71. Walk the LSUS campus and catch Pokemon.
72. Paint the back patio slab and get some new patio furniture.  Maybe a plant.
73. Watch crepe myrtle flowers fall like watermelon colored rain onto the grass.
74. Open the windows during a summer thunderstorm.
75. Eat a banana fudgesicle from the ice cream truck.
76. Strawberry-lemonade Happy Belly's!
77. Take walks around the neighborhood (see No. 49).
78. Keep my blog updated and active.
79. Clean windows, inside and out.
80. Keep sharing my Amazon Classroom Library Wish List.
81. Eat an ice cold watermelon.
82. Drink fewer sodas and more infused water.
84. Bathe the dogs.
85. Repaper my kitchen shelves.
86. Clean out the pantry.
87. Grill outside.
88. Make a scrapbook.
89. Hang twinkly lights on the deck.
90. Light a citronella candle.
91. Burn sparklers on July 4. Put out the flag.
92. Bake a pineapple upside down cake.
93. Drive Route 66 through Oklahoma; stop at every cool spot and take a picture.
94. Watch cows.
95. Read Eudora Welty stories.
96.  Make shrimp salad with fresh Gulf shrimp. Put in a fresh tomato.
97. Walk the dogs.
98. Try a Mint Julep Daiquiri from Tony's.
99. Mop the floors.
100. Take a nap.


Adrienne said...

I'm coming to Shreveport and spending the summer with you.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Haha!!! Come on!

Adrienne said...

Natchitoches is my all time favorite place in the south. So beautiful!

Mike Thiac said...

Link up with your fellow member of the VRWC from Houston! ��