Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We Are Up to 73 Books!

The books for my new classroom library project keep coming in: I'm up to 73 books now!

I've been so overwhelmed and grateful at the response.  I knew my readers would step up and help because you have before when I've needed something for my classroom, but this response has just been so heartwarming.  My library is now not just a dream; we've gone from zero books to 73 in about two weeks!  And they're still coming!

I want to clarify that as books are ordered off the Wish List, they automatically come off the list. So, if you look at the list and wonder why To Kill a Mockingbird isn't on there or why a certain author isn't on there, it may be that someone has already sent that book.  But always, always feel free to shop off the list if you like, or you can email me and ask if I have the book you want to put in.

As far as processing goes, I'm covering each hardcover and softcover book with laminate covers for protection and to extend the life of each book.  I'm entering each title into a database and I'm putting a book pocket and sign out card in each book.

Each book also gets a Donated By.... sticker in the front cover.  This way my students are getting a real sense of support behind them, and it makes them feel good.

It makes YOU part of our classroom!

This statement from the National Council of Teachers of English:

Reading in all its dimensions—informational, purposeful, and recreational—promotes students’ overall academic success and well-being. Furthermore, when students possess the skills necessary to access, select, use, and effectively evaluate their reading materials, their ability to become engaged members of their communities and productive citizens is enhanced. A large body of research demonstrates that equitable access to books promotes reading achievement and motivation (Allington, 2002, 2009; Krashen, 2011; Nystrand, 2006; Wu & Samuels, 2004).  
Classroom libraries—physical or virtual—play a key role in providing access to books and promoting literacy; they have the potential to increase student motivation, engagement, and achievement and help students become critical thinkers, analytical readers, and informed citizens As English language arts educators, we know that no book is right for every student, and classroom libraries offer ongoing opportunities for teachers to work with students as individuals to find books that will ignite their love for learning, calm their fears, answer their questions, and improve their lives in any of the multiple ways that only literature can.

I'm continuously updating the Wish List, and I'll be collecting books in earnest all summer.  Part of my summer vacation will be spent in my classroom setting up shelves and getting the M205 Library ready to roll in August.

Please keep sharing this project: the more people who see it, the more potential books we can add to the shelves.  My goal is 500 books to start.

I'm applying for some grant money to help, and I've started a Donor's Choose project which I hope gets funded.  Both will help add books and shelving for the library.

I can't wait to share with you in the fall how much my students are reading!

Here is the Wish List.
Here is the Donors Choose project.

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