Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Spammers!

I've been getting a lot of SPAM comments lately. If you're a spammer, please be advised that I reject SPAM comments. If you want to link to your Canadian pharmacy or online tech store, please don't use my bandwidth to do it.

Love those "This is very excellent. I thank you for posting it. Keep up the good work. Please visit...." comments.

This morning I rejected one that was in Japanese.


I welcome on topic comments, even off-topic, somewhat relevant comments! Even comments from the opposition. But no spam.

Love those internets.


Mike said...

You should have posted the one in Japanese. Maybe they were just saying "Go Saints."

yukio ngaby said...

But have you received comments that link to Japanese porn sites? I had to remove two of those comments on the same post on my blog.

I guess my post on Kwanzaa was just asking for internet porn links...

BoR said...

They can't hear you. It's done by bots via zombie computers.

Red said...

Seems to be happening a lot lately. I had my fill of it yesterday. ARGH!