Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now Taking Bets on Obama's Resignation

Peter Ferrara at American Spectator is no longer predicting Obama's absence on the ballot in 2012; now he's going a step further and predicting an Obama resignation.

Ferrara cites Democrat's increasing abandonment of Obama as the path to utter uselessness that will drive Obama to resign.  It's true that Obama has been losing many of his most vocal supporters in past weeks; James Carville comes to mind.  I wasn't shocked by Peggy Noonan's reversal on Obama; it had been building for a while and this is a woman that once wrote for Reagan, so I felt there might be a "smatch of honor" in there somewhere.

Besides Carville's change of heart, Ferrera also cites Kirsten Powers and her new found lack of faith in Fearless Leader:

If he promised us anything, Obama promised us competence. Instead, we've gotten the Keystone Cops. 

It's true that the world is rapidly piling things on Obama's plate.  I don't think the Sestak affair is going to disappear, and in fact, Ferrara makes the case that there could be an impeachable offense in this if the issue is probed deeply enough.

Meanwhile, the BP disaster gets worse - Ferrara addresses this as well, pointing out that the well is in federal waters and therefore under the jurisdiction of the federal government, not Louisiana.  It was therefore incumbent upon Team Obama to enact the plans that were in place for just such an event.  He did not.

Additionally, tensions mount in Arizona, Korea, Iran, the war continues in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo is still open, questions arise with Pakistan and Yemen, and what about Israel?  What about the blockade?  Heath care?  That's certainly not going to win Obama any supporters as people begin to realize what's coming their way and as the confirmation hearings of the Medicare Czar, Dr. Donald Berwick, begin, the public will be reminded how we will soon be a single payer nation with rationing and long waits.  The economy?  That's not going to help Obama, either, and Ferrara lays out the case quite succinctly on that front.

Being President is a tough job.  One that requires experience and the backup of a good, strong, diversified team behind you.  Obama has none of that.  He brought no significant experience to the job and his "team" is myopic.

Ferrara may be right in suggesting that Obama will resign, but I don't think so.  He is too narcissistic to do such a thing.  He would never admit, much less conceive of, the fact that he has failed.  He will ride this pony as far as he can because his election is "historic!"  Anyone who believes he can lower the level of the oceans and cause the world to love us just by his mere election to office would never willingly abandon said office.

In addition, such a resignation would by necessity be motivated by concern for the good of the country and Obama doesn't have that.  He looks at America and sees what needs to be changed and reshaped.  The deep love for the country and the Founders, for the foundation upon which this country was built, is not in him.

No, he will stay until the bitter end, unless some impeachable offense arises.  The question will be if Obama will be on the 2012 ballot or not.

Besides, if he resigned, we'd have Biden.


Andy said...

Pat, I don't believe Obama will resign, either. The reason you wrapped the post up with is spot-on!

He does not even realize that he's lost, and WAY over his head. As you noted, the job is probably the most difficult on the planet. I don't know if anyone is truly prepared for it. But, I know someone who is completely unprepared for it when I see them. I think Obama's picture is probably beside that in the dictionary.

But, we can hope.

Perhaps a total failure like Obama will sober up voters for 2012. We shall see.

Quite Rightly said...

Obama resign! I'll sooner believe that he can raise his hand and hold back the waters.

I'm not so sure about that argument about Biden though. Everytime I hear that argument, I ask myself, Could Biden really be worse than Obama? After all, if nothing else, he is an American, so his heart doesn't go pitter-pat when he hears someone praying from a minaret. He's a native-born American, so his first response to meeting the King of Saudi Arabia is not to bow. He's got a son in the Army, so he can relate to the flag and the sacrifices of our military. He's a former senator from Delaware, which is very friendly to corporations, so he knows how to support business if he had to. And, he's an experienced politician, which means he knows how to respond to outside influences.

Pat Austin Becker said...

You're correct on the Biden issue; on Memorial Day I was rather glad that Obama didn't go to Arlington. Biden approached the task with a reverence I don't believe Obama could have mustered.

robot said...

Hi Pat. You're correct. He won't resign. That is a distraction floated out there to tease the little people into talking about his resignation and not focus on the poor governance. As far as Obummer is concerned, everything is going according to plan, why would he quit now?

Andy said...

Yes, QR is right. I've often thought that if we must have a liberal Democrat in the White House, Biden would be one of the three or four that might not completely destroy the nation, or the military.

Ed said...

Not resign per se, I don't think, but run for a bigger office, perhaps. He's done that before. While many people think that Obama isn't eligible for UN Secretary General, since he's a citizen of the US (a permanent member of the Security Council), as far as I can tell, that's an unwritten rule, perfect for a special case like him.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I've posted at length (well, some length) about this at Potluck, but I just wanted to say that I don't get why people keep saying that if BO did resign (which he never ever will) or is impeached (I wish and hope, but doubt it), we'll have Biden. I would ten million times rather have Biden than BO. Biden may be a bit of a goof but he's an American. He'd clean out the radicals and loons from the admin and keep the seat warm (and us out of any major disaster) until January 2013. I fail to see how BO is better than Biden or even in the same stratosphere as Biden. Biden's no progressive radical, he's a bit of a twit, but there's danger in painting all dems as progs. They aren't all progs. Not by a long shot.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

lol, QR, I just posted something very similar to your comment without having read it. Yay! I agree, Biden is an AMERICAN. That much we know for sure, and that much will stop him from carrying out BO's destroy America agenda.

robot said...

Fuzzy, with all due respect, how would you paint Pelosi, Reid and all the signers of Obamacare and every other POS legislation and regulation since? I'm not going to say ALL Dems are progs but 99% is close enough for me. Not to mention the progressive, RINO Republicans, who I think are just waiting in the wings, happy the Dems are taking the heat. I wonder if Biden would be able to clean house as you say. One can hope, but I'm not optimistic with this bunch. Biden hitched his mule to the BO wagon for a reason. Maybe he is just power hungry and likes the VP status, but he had to know who he was getting in bed with. You may be right tho, and I hope you are. A slower train to hell might be stopped in time. This one is certainly without brakes. Just sayin'...

Fuzzy Slippers said...

LC, No idea what you are talking about. Pelosi and Reid are obviously progs, but the president doesn't appoint them, right? They are elected, Biden wouldn't be able to do a thing about them. And he wouldn't have any political capital to "spend" pushing the prog agenda. There are still dems who are dems, not progs, and to think otherwise is a mistake. That they are few in number and easily bullied/bought must be something they are aware of. The dem party is in deep trouble, and it needs to purge its progs (as we are doing on the right) or abandon the party to the socialist progressives.

Biden "hitched his mule to BO's wagon" because he didn't know what was going on, a common mistake in the dem party. I believe him to be an old-school dem, not a prog, his speech on Memorial Day speaks to that, no progressive could give that speech with that conviction. I'd prefer him in the WH over BO any day of any week in any year. And yes, he would clean house, in the administration where he would actually have the power to do so.

Chris Wysocki said...

Resign? But then how would Barry get to throw all those fabulous parties?

Let's see now, Gulf oil spill, tensions in the mideast, Turkey flexing its muscle, Greece and the Euro going down in flames... I know, let's invite Paul McCartney over for a few laughs!

robot said...

Fuzzy, Like I said, I hope you're right, especially come election time. It's just become really hard for me to distinguish true Dem from progressive lately. They all seem to be waddling and quacking the same way. Granted, some needed the mother hen to prod them along. It's come to this for me, if you voted for Obamacare, no matter how or if you were prodded, you just got a P added to your D. They just stuck us with socialism and I'm not going to forget about it or wash it over. That's not meant as a slight to anything you have said. I admire your willingness to see both sides, but what happened has pushed me farther right than I was already, I'm afraid.

As to Obama's appointees, agreed, Biden would pick a new set, hopefully better and not as radical.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

"They all seem to be waddling and quacking the same way." heh, love this. You get no argument from me on that point.

robot said...

lol Quack!

yukio ngaby said...

Obama won't resign and it was silly of Ferrara to mention it. Remember Obama announced to the world that healing began with his election-- too bad Hamas, North Korea, Iran, the Taliban, al Qaeda, etc. didn't undersatnd that. Can seriously expect a man who made that statement to resign?

@ Chris Wysocki

LOL. I only wish it wasn't true.

@ Fuzzy

You just love an argument, don't you? LOL

Obama doesn't want to destroy America, Fuzzy. He wants to reshape it into a more socialized democracy-- a model that has been shown, time and again, to be a doomed form of govt. Obama's a fool, not a bogeyman. Bogeymen require far more competence than Obama has demonstrated.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

@ Yukio, pot, meet kettle, lol

When I say he wants to destroy America, I don't mean nuke it and leave smoking ruins (as certain Middle Eastern countries seem to want to do to Israel), I mean destroy America. The social democracy that you are talking about is antithetical to everything it means to be American and would destroy our country in every sense of the term, our people would become more and more dependent on government (than they already are, which is already appalling), our economy would suffer meaning our triple A credit rating would be gone, our economic and military standing would necessarily suffer (military is the first to go in the socialist democracy that BO wants to mimic, ask Europe).

BO wants to destroy American exceptionalism, patriotism, and every damn thing that has made us a unique and successful nation. What makes us AMERICA. That, I think, is worthy of note.

America isn't just our land, or even just our people, though his policies will necessarily change the heart and soul of this country, making of strong, independent, free-thinkers weak, lazy, dependent drones. America is our spirit, who we are, the role we have played in the world, the great good that we do. None of it is possible if choked off by socialist policies. No, I don't think BO wants to destroy our land, just our spirit. What it means to be an American.

Personally, I would rather overestimate his ability in this arena (particularly given the giant steps he and progs like him have made) than woefully underestimate it, as you do. You see a squalling, incompetent infant, I see a dangerous ideologue.