Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Swoops Dr. Death Panel to Ration Your Care

Philip Klein at American Spectator has taken notice of Dr. Death Panel, aka Dr. Donald Berwick, who is Obama's pick for Medicare Czar.  This is the guy, you may remember, who is "starry eyed" over the NHS - the British Health Care system.  I researched several of Berwick's articles here.

At American Spectator this morning, Klein points out Berwick's tilt toward rationing:

In his writings and speeches, Berwick has defended government rationing and advocated centralized budget caps on health care spending. 

It is inevitable, of course.

"(T)he Holy Grail of universal coverage in the United States may remain out of reach unless, through rational collective action overriding some individual self-interest, we can reduce per capita costs," Berwick wrote in an article for Health Affairs he co-authored in 2008.
He went on to write that, "The hallmarks of proper financial management in a system… are government policies, purchasing contracts, or market mechanisms that lead to a cap on total spending, with strictly limited year-on-year growth targets."

So goes capitalism and the free market. It was nice knowing you.

And so, while everyone is worried about Elena Kagan's total lack of a paper trail or whether or not she's gay, Dr. Death Panel swoops in under the radar.  Is the mainstream media, now out of love with Obama, going to cover this one?  

Don't hold your breath.

Read the whole thing. 


Fuzzy Slippers said...

With the usual fawning, salivating slavishness. They are not over their love affair with BO, not by a very very long shot.

Bob Belvedere said...

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